All the great teachers from all the great teachings have told us to go within.

Jesus said the Kingdom of God was within.

Krishna said all was within.

Buddha said to find enlightenment was to sit down, slow your breath – and go within.

Lao-Tse said the Way is accessed by travelling the Path Within.

Nanak said God could only be accessed within.

Sivananda, Sai Baba, Sri Aurobindo, Ramakrishna, Yogananda all urged their followers to go within.

Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, Origen, Hildegarde of Bingen, Theresa of Avila all encouraged the faithful to seek within.

No-one ever suggested that Reality or Consciousness could be accessed through the pursuit of money, assets, material gain or even information technology. That’s the good news because we can drop all those pursuits as having no more meaning than to simply make us a little more comfy on the inevitable downward slippery slide into societal insanity.

In fact, even the Bible clearly states that the pursuit of knowledge was a deterrent to finding Reality. In the Garden of Eden Man is strongly urged not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge – and when he does he is thrown out of paradise. This simple fable was meant to express an obvious spiritual truth: that when we come from our brains, our rational ideas about things, our supposed ‘knowledge’ of life, we get it totally wrong and screwed up. We tout science as the last word when it’s not even the first. Just look at our society to see how crazy and insane it’s getting…..in spite of all our supposed intelligence!

The more we seek outside ourself for answers, the more we go without.

The more we go within ourselves for answers, the more we find.

How good is that?!

The abundance you and I truly seek – and the world desperately needs – happiness, joy, peace, love, compassion, co-operation, harmony, warmth, care, sharing, helping, laughing, tranquility, bliss…..are all found already existing within us as us.

When we express these feelings, these genuine states of being, out into the world we see and feel and sense it suddenly turns back into the Garden of Eden……and we find ourself back in the loving embrace of the Divine Presence.




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