Recently I told a Group the story of how Trudi and I came to sell up and move to Chatsworth to establish Heartland.

We first went for a long forest walk and talked about maybe making the move and selling our beautiful valley which was surrounded on all sides by forest and was accessible only by private road. In many ways it was a most difficult decision for us – we had to weigh up our seemingly personal needs against our desire to reach out to others. After many words and much soul-searching we agreed it would be best for all (ourselves included) if we established Heartland so after a long discussion we made a commitment there and then – right in the middle of the bush track – and as we walked back toward our home we loudly gave thanks to the Divine that all would happen safely, as was meant. Our voices rang out jubilantly through the trees.

Upon returning home we found a leaflet already sitting in the mailbox from an out-of-town real estate agent. called Marilyn. The headline boldly stated “I can sell your home!”.

How quickly the Universe had answered!

Within days we had spoken to Marilyn and were certain she would be able to keep her brochure’s promise. We set a price.

“That’s above market value. Far too high” she gently nudged us.

“We know. But we only need one buyer” we replied.

“Yes, but we have to find that one buyer” she responded.

“It’s alright. It’s already in higher hands” we answered.

She looked at us quizzically but chose to say nothing – after all, there was the commission to be considered!

“How much are you willing to drop?” she innocently asked.

“Nothing” we replied. “And we want to advertise it for the price we want”.

“Whaaaat?! It doesn’t usually work that way” she smiled as she tried to educate us.

“We know” we said. “But that’s how we want it. Honest. And anyway, we only want one buyer, not ten or twenty. That can’t be too hard can it?”.

Marilyn winced, remembering her own brochure’s headline.

“Oh, and we want to rent it back at $200 a week for six months” I smiled.

“$200?!” she repeated in a totally disbelieving manner. “You want above market value, full advertised price and to stay on for 6 months for just $200 a week?!?!”

“Is that a problem for you?” I asked.

“Of course not” she laughed rather hysterically.

A first Inspection Day was arranged for a coming Saturday. In anticipation, Trudi and I regularly gave thanks to the Divine for the speedy and successful sale of our beloved property.

“You’d better get me a key so I can come and go with prospects” suggested Marilyn in her usual professional manner.

“Unnecessary” I smiled “It will sell on the Saturday – we’ve already given thanks for the sale”.

Marilyn smiled the sort of smile you give a raving lunatic who just happens to be a valued client.

She said no more.

Come the Saturday, with a weekend spiritual program at New Veda fully booked out, we arranged for Reece, our good friend, to man the house. First visit was booked for 10.30, the second (and only other one) for 12 noon. Reece settled down for a lazy morning…..

At 9am Marilyn rang to ask if a third prospect could inspect the property.

“I’m just sitting here, reading the paper…..” replied Reece, agreeing to a hasty 9.45am visit.

The good folk came, viewed and left.

At 10.30am the second family arrived, viewed and shortly left.

Reece watched the clock lazily move toward the third inspection.

Suddenly, the phone rang: the third inspection was cancelled.

“Oh!” exclaimed Reece “They cancelled, huh?”

“No” replied Marilyn “I cancelled them. The first group have already placed a deposit for the full price”.

“Not surprised” replied Reece. “That’s what Les & Trudi said would happen”.

“How could they know?” asked a delighted but baffled Marilyn.

“It’s to do with the thanks” Reece answered. “Did they agree to the rent-back?”

“Yes” replied Marilyn. “I guess Les & Trudi won’t be surprised at that news either huh?”

“Not at all” answered Reece.

Marilyn went silent.

When you give thanks, genuinely give thanks, from the Divine within to the Divine that gives Life to All, you attune to that Divine and you allow the flow of the Universe to cascade in ways you need not understand.

The more thanks you give, the more you move into alignment.

What will you give thanks for this week?

More in a fortnight!

Blessings and Love,



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