Dearest Friends,
My deepest apologies for the absence of SoulLight over the last month.
Trudi and I have been in the midst of complete chaos…..moving home from Gympie Qld to Nambucca Heads, NSW.
Every possible thing has gone wrong from phone disconnections to removal truck losses to damages to internet and phone loss to delays in legals, financials, approvals, transport, access, storage…..the list goes on and on……..
The good news is we’re now over the worst of it and we have some stability.
Details of our upcoming Newcastle Weekend is at the bottom of this article;
Please share with your Novocastrian friends.
Info about our awesome Nambucca Heads workshops will be out within a week.
Trudi and I look forward to welcoming you to fresh, brand new programs in our fresh, brand new environment.
Hugs, Les and Trudi


Living life entirely for others, be they family, friends, clients or customers is a recipe for a very sad and miserable life.

At the same time, living life entirely for oneself is an equally disastrous recipe for a fulfilled and enriched life as we end up lacking those connections that make existence so delightful.

So how do we find that successful middle ground?

The answer is to gift the world all of you!

But what truly is “all of you”?

Well, obviously, it includes those parts of you called your Mind.

And these include your everyday thoughts, many of your desires, all of your limitations, insecurities and fears, your anxieties, your habits, your foibles and your insanities.

“All of them?” I hear you say…..

Yes. All of them. Because they are all part of who you are in the moment. Rather like a broken leg would still be part of your body, your broken thoughts are still part of your Mind.

Only by being willing to embrace and own every part of our Mind can we heal it and share it.

We can’t heal what we deny exists.

And we can’t share our thoughts and hopes with others if we don’t acknowledge them ourselves.

Through honest sharing we contribute to sincere human growth.

“All of you” naturally also includes all of your body. In other words our physicality. This includes our sexuality, our mobility, our physical challenges and our physical propensities.

So many of us mask our true physicality and offer the world a sham in its stead: we demean ourselves and inhibit honest interaction with others.

Yet, when we contribute our entire physicality to a situation we allow miracles to happen!

A critically important part of us is our Heart.

For some the key to unlock it was lost years ago and has never been replaced. Their Heart remains unused.

For others the key is securely attached to a 20 page Questionnaire that permits no errors and is automatically activated should any misbehaviour ever occur. The Heart’s usage is, at best, spasmodic.

Still others seem to constantly give their Heart away (but they often only give aspects of it and then only as part of a trade-off).

Yet, the Heart offers much more than this: it is the source of our deepest desires, the ground of our very Being.

It is the birthplace of our emotions, the origin of our humanity and the home of our deepest impulses.

Only by sharing from the fullness of our Heart can we establish the basis for true loving Life to exist on this living life-orb.

And then there’s the fourth component of a human Being….

Our Mind, our Body, our Heart….and our Higher Consciousness.

This is that Silent Inner Voice that knows, that shares, that warns, that encourages, that creates, that cares, that loves and that guides us to unfold and enfold our True Being-ness and Worthiness.

You know it is there, deep within, constantly guiding……

When we are brave enough to accept, embrace, reveal and then gift the world all of us we gift the world the truth of our mind, our body, our heart and our Higher Consciousness.

We gift the world our True Self.

Only then does life become truly meaningful and worthwhile.

Gift Your True Self  and watch the world around you burst into divine radiance!

Welcome Home!


Peace be within you.

Les Dyer – Community Of The Heart – Australia


Newcastle Weekend !!!

At: Newcastle Spiritualist Church, Swan Street.

Saturday 6th July 10-4pm

‘From Delusion to Evolution’

Highly popular Les Dyer Workshop that offers practical steps to realistically ‘Embrace the Divine Spirit Within’.

Saturday 7-9pm

Meditations For Healing and Happiness plus Mordechai Speaks!

(includes a super special channelled event!).

Sunday 7th July 10- 1pm

Centreing: Brand new Les Dyer Workshop on ‘How to Be the Light Every Day’.

Cost: total weekend workshop program……or any part of it……

$100 if you’re wealthy/$50 if you can afford it/ $20 if funds are low/by closed envelope donation if that helps.

No-one ever turned away!

Bookings: Phone: Newcastle 0494 029 236 or please email me