Medical research has now confirmed that your heart is just as involved in your decision-making and thinking as is your brain…

In fact, the heart sends out continuous messages to your brain.

And your brain replies to your heart.

Amazingly,  the signals from the heart come just moments before the brain acknowledges them.

If that sounds like the heart is meant to be in charge and tell the brain what to do, you’re right!

But the brain doesn’t always agree, of course.

It can do its own thing and ignore the heart.

The entire system is rather like our Soul telling our Ego what’s best for it – but our Ego telling our Soul to “go get lost….”.

The messages from your heart (according to specialists in this area) improve your brain’s ability to function by “offering positive emotions, increasing attention, enhancing perception, and increasing capacity for memory, problem-solving and intuition”.

They also reduce feelings of doubt, insecurity, and stress that hinders your wellbeing.

How wonderful to see ‘science’ supporting what metaphysics has taught for the past five thousand years!!

The Heart directs the Head.

Indeed, the Heart is the very first of all your physical organs to be fully formed, functional and operational. It operates fully formed by day 21 of your foetal gestation in the womb.

On the other hand, your brain is the very last of your physical organs to be fully formed and functional… most people taking at least 21-25 years to fully develop.

For this (and the other obvious reason relating to your blood flow) your Heart is the most important governing instrument within your personal bio-sphere.

At least it is, if it’s allowed to be…….

Do you let it?

Have you let your heart tell you what to do for a living?

Have you let it tell you how to treat your partner?

Have you let it direct how you spend money or time?

Have you let it direct your healing?

Have you let it direct the way you live, eat, play?

Have you let it direct how you incorporate faith into your life?

Have you let it direct your footsteps, guide your motivation and your thoughts?

Or are you still trapped in your brain and mind?

One choice will bring you optimum life.

The other choice will bring you struggle after struggle.

You choose.

But remember: your heart will give you its answer before your brain.

And your heart won’t lie.


Peace be within you.


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