A well-known Australian Spiritual Astrologer commenced her monthly newsletter last week by telling us that “With the planet Jupiter about to move signs at the end of this month into the sign of Cancer for the next 12 months, the focus will shift for everyone to issues around home, family, work, fears, and insecurities…….” She then continued: “The Cancer-Capricorn polarity for the next year……..will see many of us facing our fear of the unknown”.

Knowing the lady well, I am sure she is absolutely correct – but I wonder if it is the fear of the unknown which is our most distressing fear?

Or is it fear of the Known…..and presumed important?

What is your most distressing fear?

For some it’s the loss of their life.

For others the loss of their job or their money.

For many, the loss of their children or partner.

For older people, the loss of their sanity or memory.

For younger people, the loss of their freedom, or rights.

For women, the loss of their independence or integrity.

For men, the loss of their relevance or potency.

For everyone, the loss of those things they value most – be it in the areas of peace, abundance or safety.

Fear most often seems to include the loss of something……..thus, if we are able to see ourselves as whole and entire just as we are without having to personally own anything at all (not even our life, our body, our family, our thoughts, our beliefs, our assets, our jobs, our statuses) would that not quit our fears?

Note I don’t suggest not having all the things we enjoy – but rather coming from a truer perspective in which we don’t OWN them.

We simply become trustees for our body, life, friends, family, jobs, careers, money, houses, hobbies, manners, cultural ways and beliefs without having to appropriate everything to ourselves under the banner “THIS IS MINE AND ONLY MINE”.

As trustees, we can enjoy all our ‘things’ enormously.

We can totally enjoy them…..and totally care for them……whilst at the same time, knowing that we don’t actually own any of them.

It’s simply a change of perspective.

But a perspective change that can remove the burden of having to work hard and stay focussed in order to ‘own’ and then ‘keep” all the ‘things’ that seem to make up our lives..

We simply recognise that only ‘life’ is ‘mine’ – nothing else at all.

Everything else is a joyful tool, a wonderful plaything, a great opportunity to express our appreciation, delight and unbounded gratitude for the only true Gift we ever receive and own…..LIFE ITSELF!

I’m not trying to be ‘airy-fairy’ with this – but rather very grounded.

What causes you upset today because you can’t ‘let it go’?

Or because you haven’t ‘got it’ yet?

Or because you fear ‘losing’ it?

Recognise that it’s not ‘yours’ – and you can relax.

Enjoy what you have – right now……today….this moment.

Have immense gratitude for it.

Appreciate it.

Delight in it.

But don’t own it.

Voila! Richer, deeper happiness is yours this very moment!

More in a fortnight,

Love and Blessings,


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