Giving Thanks for our previous home and also finding a new property weren’t the only surprising events that occurred as a result of giving thanks and trusting in the Divine.

The necessary finance, itself, was another example.

After I had taken the $50 I had in my wallet (one of the very few I had in the world) and extended my hand toward the agent “Will this do for a holding deposit?” I still had the dilemma of how to pay for our new purchase.

After all, spiritual endeavours aren’t widely recognised by many in the mainstream as professional avenues of meaningful activity.

To many in the business and finance world, God is, for all practical purposes, meaningless.

Only money, security, safety and magnificent material things matter.

Or, put more simply, only money matters matter.

As the Divine rarely pays regular weekly wages inclusive of tax deductions and superannuation contributions, many staff are seen to pose a serious credit risk.

Trudi and I definitely fell into that ‘risk’ category.

Even many of our clients believed that ‘spiritual work’ was somehow tainted by the transfer of money as an energy and therefore disdained from offering any.

Although most people wouldn’t dream of working for even a day without adequate financial compensation, they happily expected us to exist on fresh air and water alone.

So, on paper at least (and by ‘money matters’ standards) we were definitely “suss”.

Thankfully, we had faith.

So we went to see Trevor, our friendly local mortgage broker.

“You want how much?” he asked, licking his lips in anticipation of his hefty commission as we repeated the required sum.

“Is that after your deposit?” he inquired.

“No, that includes the deposit” I replied. “We want the full amount”.

“You want to borrow the deposit as well?” his eyebrows arched up toward his receding hairline.

“All of it” I smiled. I was looking forward to getting my $50 back.

“Wow, you must have some job!” he loudly laughed.

“Forget the occupation” I murmured. “It won’t help matters”.

“But you earn a lot of money, right?” he asked, this time more conspiratorially.

“Skip that bit as well” I said. “It won’t help matters either. Concentrate on the positive”.

“The positive?” whispered Trevor. “What’s that?”.

“We only want one Lender to approve us. Just one, not a dozen”.

“And they must” added Trudi “ be a major lender and naturally offer a highly competitive interest rate, of course”.

Trevor sat there, staring at us.

“A 100%, no-doc, competitive loan from a major lender……” Trevor repeated it as if he were learning his first mantra…..

“Don’t worry” I soothed his troubled looks. “We only want ONE. Thankyou for finding them.”.

We left Trevor, still sitting there, and went for a coffee.

Within a day Trevor had fully recovered – in fact, was positively radiant.

“One of the major banks has today announced a 10-day lending push – 100% of valuation, great rates, no docs accepted – it’s a miracle!” Trevor enthused.

Trudi and I simply smiled at one another.

We signed the papers.

Within another day the loan had been fully approved.

How we paid for such a huge mortgage was another matter. After all, we hadn’t yet placed our own home on the market (see article #59).

“Let’s leave it up to God” suggested Trudi. So we did.

A week later the phone rang.

“Hi. I head the organisation that owns the property you’re buying” said the Voice on the other end of the phone. “Is it possible for us to rent it back for a year or more? We have nowhere to move to. We’d pay you well”.

“How much would you offer?” we asked.

“How about $……….?” asked the Voice on the phone.

We looked at our Mortgage repayment schedule.

It was perfectly covered.

The deal was done.

Giving thanks opens us to the abundance of the Universe.

Listening to that something-unseen-within opens the doors we are shown.

Yet – as I wrote last article – listening by itself isn’t enough.

We have to act on what we’re told in order to move through those doors.

We have to trust – trust is the key.

The door, itself, is FAITH.

Trust means dropping our fear-filled expectations and allowing.

Allowing means letting things happen, not getting in their way.

Faith is Trust and Gratitude’s closest friend.

Faith is knowing that whatever the outcome, all is okay.

It’s knowing that everything – death included – happens safely, as is meant.

Faith makes the most of where we are.

Trust allows the Divine to always deliver what we need.

Gratitude let’s us make the most of what’s delivered.

Together, Faith, Trust and Gratitude lead us to the spiritually enriched life we seek.

More in a fortnight!

Love and Blessings,


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