Recently I have been writing about Faith and Gratitude and how they can transform our lives in ways which seem more like miracles than ordinary, everyday spiritual abundance.
Below are two stories received from readers who share their own wonderful miracles through using the very simple process I encourage everyone to embrace.

Hi Les & Trudi
Merry Christmas to you all at Heartlands. I have been wanting to write for a while but have been very busy with  my sale of my house and getting my subdivision through council  which leads me to my story…..
It was serenddipity that I was reading the book Conversations with God on a chapter about prayer, specifically how to pray, that your email arrived.
I realised that I was being given a message,
I suppose that I had to be given it twice as I’m a bit slow on the uptake.
At that time my house had been up for sale for ten months with an agent with no results so I decided to sell my house privately. It was about four weeks into this (still with no result) that I (followed your advice) and started my prayers giving thanks for the sale of my house. I also asked that the buyer benefit by buying the house……and sure enough I had the buyer on the phone within a couple of days who asked if  I would accept $xxxxxx and I said yes so he flew down from Queensland to Tasmania and bought it!
It is interesting that I had listed the price on my house as “offers over $xxxxxx” and the buyer offered me the price that I really wanted!
I also had had a few problems with council over my subdivision which meant that if they were not resolved the sale of my house would not proceed: again, I prayed that council planning would quickly complete the subdivision DA……..which it now has!
Bevan in Tasmania

Kerry moved to Stanthorpe in Queensland……

Hi Les and Trudi, yes what a journey it’s been here trying to move!
Well there was a problem in that I was trying too hard and not having faith and giving thanks.  
Eventually I did remember to have faith and give thanks…… and to my surprise I not only found a house – but the one on my vision board – the one I first I had wanted, complete with a healing practice (council approved) attached to the house!
I had originally put out there to buy it as it was for sale – but then we decided we couldn’t afford it.  So we had two weeks of applying for houses to rent for the time being. We found a real-estate agent who was going to rent a place to us and at the same time I was thinking “Boy, you’ve given me such big challenges lately God! I hope it’s because you have something bigger and better in mind!”  Haha.  
So I gave thanks and the phone rang!
Literally with 10 minutes of praying and thanking!  
Sally, the property manager, had phoned me back to say: “I just had a lady walk through the door who wants to rent her place for two years – and I thought of you”.  And then she started to describe the place.  Oh dear lord you are good – it was my dream home,  the one I wanted to buy!!  I gave thanks wow!!! Talk about excited! I was just so grateful!
‘Get outta the road Kerry for GODS sake so he can get the job done!’
What a powerful amazing thing I have just experienced  – I can’t wait for my next little adventure with Him!
But this time I just give thanks…..and I’m right out of the way!
Beautiful words and what an amazing feeling I get while I’m giving thanks!  
I love your story Les about your property as it come at such a perfect time – it helped me a lot.  
I have now experienced just that same thing.  
It’s so much easier than that stress I put myself through.  Everyone said how strong I was for being able to cope with so much on my plate.  ‘Bloody idiot!’ I say! I didn’t need to have created all that stress I just needed to trust.

Hope that inspires you to have faith, give thanks and feel the gratitude!
More in a week!
Love and Blessings for a peace-filled 2013 full of Love and Wonder!


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