An extraordinary discovery was made by the scientists who developed much of our understanding of Quantum Physics. In effect, whenever you observed a thing (like an electron for example) it would change movement. All you had to do was observe it: and it changed.

These days it’s called ‘The Uncertainty Principle”.

If you capture photons of light in a vacuum jar they whiz around randomly…..but the moment you look at them they form into a rigid pattern! And they stay that way for a while after you go away……

The simple act of looking directly at a thing changes it.

It’s the same with fear: when we directly face it, observe it, embrace it, it disappears.

Fear is always one step ahead of us…..it’s always the fear of something to come…..and when or if it comes, in that moment, we simply deal with it, free of any fear (although we may then be fearful of what may follow…..and so on and so forth…..).

Fear is always of the future, never of this moment.

There was a man caught stealing in a moslem country. He was fearful he’d be found guilty. He was. Then his fear was that he’d have his hand cut off. It was. They he was fearful that the bleeding wouldn’t stop. It did. Then he was fearful that the tar they used to stop the bleeding would disfigure him further……yet at the time of each of these actual events he had no fear…….only fear of what was going to happen.

You and I are the same aren’t we? Our fears are all about the future.

Yet you and I never live in our future. We just look ahead and put our focus there…..

The truth is that you and I only have this moment, right now.

And now this one.

And now this one.

When we learn to live consciously in the now – to focus our attention here, now – and not place our focus in the future – we can avoid most of our fears!

Try it for yourself this week!

Hugs and deepest love to each of you,