Facing Issues Around Death

Each year we do our best to help a great many hurting people. Some we see in person, others by Skype, others by email.

On Monday I spoke to two people who were having to face issues around death.

I felt my answer to one of them might well help others in the same situation.

Please feel free to share……


People were put on this planet to practice helping one another.

In helping one another we are living the essence of the Divine – which is Love.

And that Essence lives within each of us, as each of us.

That’s why there’s so many of us with so many problems.

For practice.

Most of us need LOTS of practice…….


We all die. That means to shrug off the physical body we use to practice in.

The hands to hold.

The arms to hug.

The lips to kiss.

The mouths to speak kind words.

The feet to step forward.

The eyes to see where we can be of help.

The brains to fathom out how to help.

The legs to carry support.

The back to keep us active.

The liver, kidneys and stomach to keep us going.

And the heart to keep us focussed on loving.


When we die we shrug the whole body off – often because bits of it aren’t working adequately anymore…..(often because we haven’t looked after it properly!).

And we simply return to the Spirit we always have been, ready for another fresh suit.

And another practice at life.


Each and every one of us gets to change into other bodies.

No-one gets to stay in the same body forever.

And our ‘demise’ is never the end of anything other than our current body.

So the secret of life is to make the most of each body, each life!

And that means to help others as much as we can, however we can……

To be caring, kind, compassionate, co-operative, supportive, loving, gentle, empathetic, considerate, patient…..

All the things that help to make each life richer, happier, easier……..


The good news is that when our time comes to pass on it’s never the end.

We live on.

And we also live on in the same places we used to live too – in the hearts of those with whom we have lovingly shared experiences this lifetime.


Linda came to Heartland a few months ago.

Afterwards she wrote this beautiful affirmation of eternal life…….

All Of Me

I wish for all of me to be present in my life as one within me, and as one with the universe.

I wish for all of me to be present in all of my relationships so I can be my authentic self.

That bright light that illuminated my life was truly amazing, innocent and beautiful.

I wish to shine my bright light, as me, for good, forever.

I will never let my light dim ever again, this is my soul promise.

I am loved and supported always.

I wish for All Of Me.


How blessed we all are!