Facing Issues Around Death – Responses

Last article I wrote about death and dying; and many people kindly responded – thankyou.

So this week I’d like to share a few insights into a couple of its aspects……..


Sue, suffering a rare and painful disease, wrote me earlier this year.

Her words tell the story……

“ I did a week’s retreat with you last year, when I was at a very low ebb.  Happiness seemed a distant possibility.  So I wanted to tell you how much I have changed my life since that wonderful time with you.  Circumstances remain the same, and perhaps even more stressful.

I now realise I cannot solve everyone’s problems and should get out of their way.  I now realise that I live with a man who loves me deeply and I’m in a place of (intermittent) peace and beauty.  I now realise I do not have to be remarkable to be accepted.  I now realise that I am only old in years but in the years I have left I will be kinder to myself.  I now feel the sun shining and hear the birds singing and know that I am in the universe and the universe is in me.  I realise I have had a remarkable life that has supplied  many lessons.

I may not have turned into Pollyanna but understand better how happiness is created.

Your retreat picked me up, dusted me down, and pushed me in the right direction.”


Anne-Marie, in France, is handling a serious form of bone cancer. She wrote:

“I have started chemotherapy…..and I have to stay in France for the next 6 months…

I know the power of Thoughts and Spirit , so i will virtually be with you all , thinking of the good energy you share!”.

When such things happen we need to be extra kind to ourself, keep our immune system in tip-top shape – and give thanks to the Divine for each and every day!

We should ensure we treat the chemo as a ‘Love Juice’. Visualise it as love pouring into and through our system, healing as it goes. We should be deeply appreciative of it for what it does…..and thank it for helping us.. No matter what others may call it and how others may react to it……..if we choose chemo we should always and automatically give thanks for the LOVE JUICE and SEE it helping us to heal.


Denise recently wrote to me…..(edited)…….

”One of my closest friends 23yr old son died from a heroine/ice morphine overdose.

He was a gorgeous young man and a beautiful spirit. Life can never be taken for granted but we do fall short as humans and forget our preciousness in each moment.

Death affects us all….compassion and love are tested ….and its inevitable for all us.

Now I’m letting go and looking after me….”

Tragedy normally strikes all of us several times in a lifetime.

It’s not IF it strikes…… but how we handle it that is the exercise.

We are all just companion travellers in each moment…..each moving forever forward – in a sense, alone without ever being truly alone – on our own journeys.

To live wisely we should shun as much negativity as we can….

Read ONLY positive books, positive news, watch only positive TV, positive movies!

Do whatever brings your soul delight – but shun the negative!!!

Enjoy all the gifts of your existence whilst you have them – and life.

Family, friends, opportunities, fresh air, life, laughter and the ability to see the best in everyone and everything are truly best enjoyed fresh, in the moment!!!!


Sam wrote to me some time ago from a plane flying between two US cities…..

He told me…..

“Hi Les, a while back we went to see Wayne Dyer, in fact it was a couple of weeks before he died.

He mentioned that kids can often remember before they were born. So we asked (our daughter) when we got home if she remembered heaven before she was born. At the time she was four.

She told us she did, and that she remembered picking us as parents, and that she had ten angels who are still with her. Amazing what kids can remember and perceive without the adult filters.

Love Sam”.

Thankyou, Sam. No more to say……….