Last week I wrote about accessing consciousness and several people have asked for advice on how to achieve this……..expensive gurus and religious sects might tell you it will take a lot of money or time to access deep levels of consciousness – but actually it’s rather easy and anyone can do it without moving from their chair!

Keep your body still.

Swivel just your neck to the left: pick something to look at.

Then swivel just your neck to the right: pick something else.

Then zip from one to the other, not too fast, not too slow: focus on the two points you’ve picked out.

Zip left and right and left and right about seven times. Then stop.

Be aware of what you thought about “in the middle”, between those two anchoring thoughts.

After you get over wondering what is there you realize there’s nothing. No thoughts. No thing.

That’s you, the real you, your true being-ness, the canvas of consciousness.

The next bit is a tad harder……learn to e-x-p-a-n-d that emptiness…….




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