Easy Meditating

I’d like to share with you another simple exercise I have been sharing with guests to Heartland.
It’s the easy path to effective meditating……

Firstly, understand that you don’t have to get rid of your thoughts to meditate!
You just have to ignore your thoughts!
You do this by using your brain to focus on something else.
This might be your breath. Or the sunrise or sunset, Or a flower. Or the face of a loved one.
You just focus on it.
When thoughts arise (and they will!) you just ignore them – and stay focused on what you have chosen.
To start with stray thoughts will invade your ‘private meditation space’ all the time. But with practice they will learn to leave your conscious being alone as they will recognize you are refreshing, revitalizing and healing yourself.
Peace will fill your being.

To start with hold this peace for 2 minutes. Then 4. Then 6. Then 10. Then you will be able to ‘centre’ yourself through meditation anytime and anywhere, at will.
Your monkey brain will have changed from being your Master to being your Servant!

So……wherever you are right now – for just 2 minutes……
–         close your eyes
–         slow your breathing
–         just watch your breath come in…….and go out…….come in and go out……..

Notice how quickly you find yourself enjoying deep peace!

Many blessings,