Easter these days is mostly a time for relaxing and enjoying oneself.

For some, it’s the time for celebrating the holiest event in the Christian year.

For almost all of us it’s the time for Easter eggs and hot cross buns (both of which, along with Easter itself, actually existed well before Christianity took them over).

If we put aside both the dogma and the trivia, the Christian story of Easter can be viewed as the quintessential tapestry of our lives.

First, we have the state of uncertainty; not quite sure who we are or what is to come.

Next we are tested.

Then we die to our old ways.

And finally, we rise up as our authentic being-ness.

This is the path Jesus walked.

This is the Path we must all tread.

For many on this planet we are still in a state of uncertainty and unknowing….sensing that there is more to us but unsure how or where to find it.

For others, we are moving through our tests….learning the hard way how to stand up for our inner values and how to express our true Self, no matter what others may think.

For just as many we are dying to the life we once considered vital….to the necessities of money, assets, belongings, status, public applause, social ‘success’ and the like…

And slowly, one by one, we resurrect ourselves as the Light-bearers, the God-in-us beings, we have always been.

Easter is a time to remember our own road to our own Calvary.

To reflect on where we have been; and to appreciate what we are becoming.

And, more than anything else, to plan our next exciting step forward.

Anyone for a walk this Easter?


Love and Blessings,


What are you doing this Easter holiday? It’s just 3 weeks away!

Easter is the very finest opportunity to undergo spiritual transformation.

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