EASTER – The Ultimate Revolution

I recently wrote to tell you that my best-seller, The Return Of The Master, is now being printed in the US and available again, both on amazon.com and through Heartland. Its reprint reminds me of the amazing impetus to write it that came from the Divine. For a while, not being in denial, not being recalcitrant and difficult, I simply allowed it to flow through me. It was, of course, enough of the real message of Jesus to make the book a sell-out in Australia. And, importantly for me and Trudi, propelled us into the form of spiritual work we are now committed to.

As I frequently do, I once again feel compelled to allow that same Divine energy to flow through me as I sit here, even ‘though as the very human Les I already sense my little Self may not be completely comfortable with the words that follow….in fact, I know I have been blocking it for at least a week now.

I share it with you, as it moves through me…..

Jesus, the Son of Man, was and is a divine revolutionary.

His only desire was to encourage nothing less than the very Kingdom of God here on Earth.

To lift mankind out of its intellectualised animal state and sanctify its every act in the Heart of One-ness.

He spoke God’s words – not the words of an ancient old man with a beard and a penchant for retribution – but the words of Creation Itself.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness – who seeks for the Kingdom of God, to be one with God, FIRST? That means first every morning, first every afternoon, first every evening, first before every meal, first before every action? Who puts God first if it means missing out or not getting or (even worse) losing something?

Who bases their life on God as first and foremost?

What would your neighbourhood look like if everyone put God first? Don’t laugh! It’s a world that’s laughed away that idea that’s led to what we’ve got today. It didn’t just happen, folks. We created it all!

Righteousness is simply right thinking. No need to get pious. What’s so stupid about right thinking? Why aren’t we all putting the effort in right now? We’re no longer still peering out from the cave entrance at the world ahead of us – we’re in it.

Resist Not Evil – It’s quite simple. Resist not Evil. Don’t fight violence with violence, evil with evil, deception with deception, lies with lies, malice with malice, anger with anger. As I’ve said before, to destroy an enemy simply make a friend. If we made friends of those we tag as ‘the enemy’ we’d find peace. No-one would have to die. Armies, torture, violence could be a thing of the past. Mahatma Gandhi removed the entire British Empire through civil disobedience free of any violence. He simply told everyone to refuse to take part in practices unfair to the Indians.

No fighting. He certainly went to jail for his trouble – but the British left.

What would happen (apart from massive financial savings) if we helped the afghans to set up their own hospitals, their own style of schools, their own roads, shops, etc…..what’s wrong with simply helping people? After all, aren’t they all our brothers and sisters?

If, instead of resisting evil (read: troubles, problems, traumas, unwanted outcomes, etc) we simply went about focussing on the good would we not create more good? When we focus on the ‘bad’ do we not attract more ‘bad’ to us?

As an example, instead of fighting our thoughts in meditation (and usually achieving little) why not simply move our focus onto the peace we find elsewhere within us?

Deny thyself –that’s right deny thy self. Forget the ego says Jesus, refuse to give it power over you. Take back your real power, your spiritual power of love, peace, compassion, empathy  and co-operation. The Greater Self which is our One-Ness. Deny the little child that wants everything for himself. Rise above the pettiness of just thinking of one’s self – move even past the artificially constructed Super Ego called society (gotta keep the communists out!)  – and instead truly focus on the Divine Life of Man, the path we are meant to be treading, the only realistic way forward for all of us.

The Kingdom of God is within – This is one many priests wish had been removed from the Bible when they were producing their collage. Jesus didn’t deny a Heaven or Paradise but simply placed that state of being within the Soul of Man. No priest is needed to intervene on our behalf. No scripture to learn. No penance or money to pay. No church to join. No membership of anything required. Just hop inside and connect direct with the Divine.

Take no thought for the morrow – sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof – live in the Now, says Jesus. Stop thinking about what happens when I die? What’s for dinner tomorrow night? Will I get that job? Will I go broke? Will I remarry? The important thing, says Jesus, is what are you doing right now? Sufficient for right now are the problems, the challenges, the opportunities we have already. Why go getting all anxious, looking for more? Why not simply work with all the things we have in front of us right this moment? Don’t we have enough people and things to help, enjoy, delight in and play with right now? And why not work on them via our automatic access to the Divine? Why not be part of the world’s solution rather than continue to be part of its problem?

This is Jesus-speak, regrettably not everyday man-made Christianity with its blessings upon war, guns, hierarchies, wealth, power, regulations and control.

If these ideas shock or disturb you, I totally understand and can empathise with you.

They have been purposely discarded by the churches for 1800 years and replaced with what seemed like a set of most reasonable proposals for “godly” living, proposals which have led to a world of immense misery, sickness, insanity, violence, greed, power factions and chaos.

Find ten people who absolutely delight in life in our society (who are not in the alzheimers ward of the local nursing home).

If you find these ideas impossible to abide, I admit to having been on your team for much of the last sixty years.

These ideas smack of a revolution that annihilates all the old ways of living – and radically reforms our ways of living with and relating to one another.

They demand a total re-think of society – starting with the very basics of how we live, why we live, how we act, how we relate to one another, how we deal with everyday issues…..

If this is starting to scare you, join the band.

But WHAT is the alternative?

Patching up madness achieves nothing.

Ultimately, we have to face up to the reality of who we are, what we’re here for – and what reality itself actually is.

We can run everywhere and do everything (we already just about have) – but we’ll never outrun the truth that Jesus so eloquently, so plainly – and with so few words – directly imparts to us.

This Easter is a fitting time to allow the old Jesus to die……the Jesus of the church rules, rituals and regalia along with the miraculous birth, the miraculous stories and the miraculous death…..

It is a fitting time to allow the real Jesus to rise up again…..in our hearts and in our actions…..regardless of the cost to our ego, our fears, our pride, our pettinesses and our selfish, often outright greedy wants.

By doing so we may just save ourselves, our children, our society and humanity from self-destruction.

May you and your families and friends have a blessed Easter Renewal,

I send you boundless love!



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