Easter Part 1

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Easter is upon us.
As everyone knows I’m not at all religious – but I am spiritual.
And Easter is ALL about spirituality!
At Easter we celebrate the life of one man who declared that God existed within him, as his real Being.
This man encouraged all his compatriots to go within and discover the same mystery and mastery for themselves.
He also encouraged them to live according to the loving and caring values of that Divine energy which they found within.
Such teachings were a dangerous affront to that society’s Group Ego which was maintaining the madness – the greed, violence, depravity and power plays – of that century’s  Judea.
He became an enemy of the state; and of its ruling classes, both political and religious.

Nothing has changed.
Man generally still ignores that “small, still voice” he hears within.
Man still treats most others – neighbours, nations and nature – with contempt and distrust as if they aren’t worth treating any better.
Society’s Group Ego is even more alive and active than it was in Jesus’ day.
We kill. We steal. We covet. We lust.
People are being trained to be subservient, ever-more productive members of limited, enclosed, restricted and hierarchical societies.
Ignorant of the Real Truth, people blithely break every spiritual value there is.
Most do so with a complete lack of awareness.

Most have genuinely no idea of who and what they truly, deeply, really are.
Sadly, few have really understood Jesus’ message – and gone within and found that Love which is the bedrock of their Being.
Yet, this is the Easter message.
“The Kingdom of God is within!” explained Jesus.
Do you believe that?
Could you believe that?
Could you live your life with values based on such a Truth?

It’s worth trying…..after all, it’s the only solution to this world’s deepening madness!!
(And it’s guaranteed to bring a true sense of contentment and happiness, too!).
Easter is a good time to start!
It always was……