EASTER – Death and Life

I remember as a child hearing the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

It fascinated me; especially because all the churches seemed fixated on some strange purpose for his barbaric killing and an equally strange reliance on the sureness of his physical resurrection.

For me, the magic of the story lay in the fact that regardless of what happened to him Jesus seemed to have a cast-iron relationship with the Divine. Even when he gets frustrated and is in his worst death throes his cry is a direct call to God – “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

He doesn’t cry out to his captors, his family or his friends.

First and last comes God.

This, for me, was always the central theme of Jesus’ spiritual ministry: aligning oneself with God.

Easter – the pagan festival of Eostre – celebrated the resurrection and rebirth of spring; hence, its placement after the full moon.

Put anther way, Easter celebrates rebirth.

But what really is the rebirth which is celebrated?

Surely it’s the rebirth of you and I into our real relationship with God.

It starts with the death of the ego…..

It ends with the resurrection of the spirit which is one with the Divine.

The Jesus Easter story parallels the journey each of us must take.

Through death arose life anew.

Through the death of our ego-centred approach to life arises a new kind of life based on the same kind of relationship with God that Jesus found.

It’s a relationship that puts God first and last, no matter what happens.

Is this how you live now?

This is specifically the core of the Jesus story – and Easter – as explained in the Bible.

For such a relationship to be real for each of us we need to really find it for ourselves.

And the only place we can find anything of course is within,

So the source of our relationship with the Divine arises from deep within.

Just like it did for Jesus.

Trudi and I wish you all a blessed, peace-filled, love overflowing Easter.

May you use this time to deepen your relationship, as a divine being of Light, with God, the Only Source of All That Really Is.

May you experience your own death of ego and celebrate the resurrection within you of that spirit that flows in pure alignment with Divine Will.

This is our purpose.

What better time than now to let it happen!

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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