Easter 2nd Part

Most of you would be aware this is a departure from my ‘Happiness’ series.
But it’s only momentary.
And it’s not much of a departure.
After all, to realize that the actual ‘ground of our being’ is the loving/creating ‘breath of God’ must surely bring us immense relief and happiness!
That’s why I’ve written about Easter – to set the record straight and increase our Happiness.
I’ve done so – as with most of my writings – in everyday language because I’m talking about everyday truths.  I see no reason to make it complicated.

This second (and last) part finishes the story – and seals our happiness forever!
Remember that at Easter (or whenever it happened) Jesus died.
He was then put in a tomb.
In ancient times they knew if someone was dead or not: it wasn’t a guess.
It was reasonably obvious. But in this instance, the dead man came back.
He was seen – according to various writers – by well over 500 (five hundred)
people on 12 (twelve) separate occasions up to a month after his execution.
Some of those instances give the strong impression he came back as a Spirit.

Obviously he didn’t do it as a party trick.
He was trying to tell us again – what he spent his life telling us before he died:
there is NO death.
Sure, bodies die.
But NOT the people inside them.
People – the living ‘Breath of God’ – continue on.
Now that’s surely a superb reason to put our fears aside and be happy!
Coming back to share with his friends and followers was Jesus’ way of saying “Hey guys! Believe me! Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is like me and is my brother and sister and mother.” (Matthew).

(Yogananda seems to have tried to share a similar understanding that life after death exists and can exert its power: twenty days after his death his body looked – according to the Los Angeles Mortuary Director – just as healthy as before he died!).

Don’t we all know of people who, when close to death, speak of their already departed loved ones as being there, present and very close to them?
They can’t all just make it up!
Don’t we all know of young children who naturally talk and interact with those who are either invisible or have already ‘passed over the rainbow’…?
Nobody teaches them how to do that!
And don’t we all connect to some degree in our lives with those who are purely in Spirit? We see, hear, smell, feel, sense…….
The obvious is obvious.
And the obvious says that life goes on.

Life is.
Love is.
The Divine Presence/The Real is.
Always was.
Always will be.

If we can embrace this Truth the fear within our Ego recedes as the Love within our True Self takes its rightful place.
We are SAFE!
We are ALWAYS safe.
If we can accept that, we can then get on with making the very most of our lives
without being terrified that one day we’re going to end. Be no more. Finished. Kapput.

Thankyou Jesus – and everyone else who has come back in so many ways to assure us we are safe.
Could we – the living here now –  now please, help the rest of the world to heal.
That way, we can all enjoy a deeply enriched life.
And then that Easter event which happened some two thousand years ago, will have truly been worthwhile!