Thirty years ago I ran a weekend spiritual workshop at Kingaroy.

About 36 eager people turned up.

On the way to Kingaroy early morning I came across a kangaroo that had been hit by a car.

It lay dead on the road, still warm.

I stopped the car and checked it for any joeys – yes, one was still clinging on to its mother and life…..

I took the Mum off the road and gave her a loving ‘goodbye’…… before continuing into Kingaroy where I found a vet and purchased a  feeding bottle, kangaroo teat and milk.

Then it was on to the workshop!

I took the joey, which I named Mary, with me, nestled in my shirt, skin against skin, close to my heartbeat…..

Two teenage girls attended the workshop with their mothers.

I transferred Mary, the baby joey, to them to share and care for; and they placed it in their clothing, next to their hearts, too…..

Most of the adults insisted on sharing the feeding routine with the young girls so we had a very busy Saturday……

Later that night, Mary died…..

Word spread across Kingaroy.

Early Sunday morning it was agreed Mary would have a deeply loving funeral at the end of the workshop, around 3pm.

Almost everyone went straight home and brought back crystals to bury with her……the men brought back spades as well.

A brand new pure white silk sock was chosen as her shroud.

At 3pm, as we prepared to file out to the bush at the back of the Hall, the heavens opened and torrential rain fell.

We all looked at one another….and then, without umbrella or raincoat, everyone silently stepped outside in single file…..

Everyone – without the slightest grumble although they were drenched through to the skin – took a turn in digging Mary’s little grave…..and when it was ready they placed their crystal gifts into that sacred space……..and then Mary, in her pure white shroud, was lovingly placed into her resting place….and was covered over.

Then 36 people – with the rain teeming down – one by one, without any sense of haste at all – stepped forward and shared their fond ‘goodbye’ messages for Mary whilst the rest of us stood silent with bowed heads.

The rain gushed off my head, down my back and soaked my pants.

That weekend in Kingaroy I saw the Heart of Love shine brightly through the loving actions of those 36 beautiful people…….

Thankyou, Mary.

Thankyou, Mary’s Mum.

Why does love exist in our life?

Surely it is to give us the deepest possible connection to – and expression of – the Divine….and to also give us the inspiration to be that Love, ourselves. in the world.

Peace be within you.