There was an old man who used to go to the nursing home religiously every day around breakfast time to see his wife.

He’d stay half the morning, then come back later in the day to see her again. He never missed a day.

And this was particularly remarkable because his wife had advanced dementia and couldn’t even recognize him.

Nevertheless she thoroughly enjoyed his visits, albeit having no idea who he was.

One day when visiting his own doctor he was encouraged to get a vaccination against the flu: it was suggested he come back early in the morning when the nurse would be on duty to administer it.

“I couldn’t do that” he told the doctor. “I visit my wife in the nursing home early mornings”.

“One day surely wont upset her” replied the doctor. “After all, she doesn’t even remember you”.

“That’s true” the old man sadly sighed.

But I remember her……………”

What do you remember about your own True Self?
Do you remember that you are fundamentally loving?
Do you remember that you are intrinsically kind and caring?
Do you remember that you are inherently courageous?
Do you remember that you are essentially honest?
Do you remember that you are basically tolerant and patient?
Do you remember that you are innately compassionate and gentle?
Do you remember that you are naturally infinite and eternal?
Do you remember that you are a sacred aspect of the Divine?

And do you act in accordance with such remembrances…..?
Or do you forget and try to push forward in life using your cunning, your shrewdness, your manipulations and scheming??
(It’s quite okay to do so but it won’t get you far at the end of the day).

Do you remember who your partner truly is?
Do you remember who each of your family members truthfully are?
Do you remember who your neighbours truly are?
Do you remember who the people you meet daily really are?
And your workmates?
And your friends?
And seemingly total strangers?
And even your pets?

When we remember these things we find that our world remains the same – but the way we see It – and interact in it – is suddenly very different.

This changes our life immeasurably.

To remember is to re-member….. to ‘put back together again’……
And when we’re ‘put back together again’ we find our Wholeness.
Life becomes rich with opportunities, Light and Love!

Now…..who have I still forgotten to remember…….???


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