During a conversation recently I was reminded that people are generally always too optimistic.

Too optimistic??? You may smile……

Most people not suffering depression, yes.

Think about it for a moment…..

What climate change….?

The bushfire won’t take our town……

There won’t be a flood that big for another 100 years…..

We won’t go to war again……

First Nations people get enough help already…….

My money is safe under the mattress…….

It won’t happen to me…….

I won’t catch it……

Robots running warehouses and answering phones?

You’re imagining things!

Cars and trucks scooting around without drivers?

Not in my lifetime!!

150,000 people in Australia homeless? Never!!!

People, in so many ways, are full of hope.

And their beliefs are very often totally wrong.

That’s because ‘hope’ is simply an expectation.

And that expectation has no basis to it – other than it keeps our fears at bay…..

I’m not suggesting we move from optimism to pessimism!!

That would be idiocy!

But I am suggesting we move from “hope” to “faith”.

Faith assures us we are safe no matter what happens.

Even if we die.

Faith gives us complete trust that regardless of what happens in the world, there is a part of us that will always remain whole, complete, divine, loving, compassionate and at peace.

Faith reminds us that we aren’t a product of God but an aspect.

An integral, irreducible, indestructible aspect of the Divine.

So it allows us to handle the many vicissitudes of life more equitably, acknowledging that:

Yes, the climate is quickly changing

Yes, flood and fire is a significant risk going forward

Yes, robots and AI are changing job opportunities

Yes, society is undergoing major social changes

Yes, the world is politically in upheaval

Hope expects things to somehow magically improve.

Faith gives us the strength to face reality and work towards positive, beneficial change.

So how do we seriously move from one to the other….?

Easy peasy!

Go within.

Embrace the Spirit of Love and Compassion you find there.

Realise that that is your True and Eternal Self.

Own it.

Really own it.

And from then on live from its perspective.

Face the truths of our chaotic, tumultuous world – and become part of the solution!!!

Peace be within you.



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