Conversations With Spirit #9

I was feeding the horses when The Voice next spoke…..


Did you remember my first message to you?

I certainly did….although after thirty years I realised on a further reading that I hadn’t remembered all of its contents…..

What part had you forgotten?

The part that mentions how we must “own new understandings in our hearts of those illusions that keep our world a forever worsening, forever deepening living Hell on Earth from which we can’t escape”……

Aah….the bit that requires spiritual discipline!

I didn’t read anything in it about discipline….

Well what do you think “own new understandings…..”

is all about? You don’t buy new understandings in a shop, my Boy! They’re not like food or clothing .

You have to work at creating them within yourself!

And that, let me assure you, requires a commitment, a firm discipline.

What kind of discipline?

A Heart-felt, heart-lived discipline. In the past most of mankind ran their life via their brains, their thoughts.

They believed this, then believed that. And their beliefs became their lifestyle. It worked to a point. Indeed it advanced mankind enormously. But it had its limits.

Doesn’t everything?

Not at all Les! Love has no limits. Compassion has no limits.

Selflessness, ultimately, has no limits. Joy has no limits.

Peace has no limits. Tranquility has no limits. One-ness has no limits. Truth has no limits. Life has no limits.

Shall I go on…..?

I think I get the point…..

Thoughts always have limits. But when you take them and process them through your heart you then express them as something far greater than the meagreness of your fragile, ever-changing thoughts.

And that takes discipline?

It certainly does! That’s because you aren’t used to coming from your heart on a regular, everyday, moment to moment basis. You’re used to coming from your head. So it takes discipline.

Most people think it’s foolish to come from the heart…

It certainly can be if you are coming from a space of selfishness, greed, hate, lack or ignorance!

Without new understandings your society won’t be able to change the trajectory upon which it has embarked ….and you’ll simply invite greater chaos and pain!

So what do we do?

Embrace new understandings, Les!

I say ‘new’ but these are actually ancient – and based on care, kindness, friendship, co-operation, compassion and

inclusiveness as a first step.

They’re ancient? I didn’t know mankind had ever embraced them! At least not in the last few thousand years!

Totally true, Les! But when you first appeared on the planet they were the bedrock that forged individuals into societies. They were your salvation then – and they’ll be your salvation now!

So what do we actually have to do?

See everyone as an aspect of Spirit.

Find commonality. Disown exclusivity.

Recognise all as your family. Treat them as such.

Allow the Divine, the Light Within you, to shine upon all that are in need.

Be their support rather than their peer.

Be their friend rather than their master.

Think ‘us’ rather than ‘me’.

Think ‘together’ rather than ‘apart’.

Think ‘One’ rather than ‘many’.

Think ‘help’ rather than ‘profit’.

That’s it? That’s all we have to do?

Certainly not – but it’s a vital first step! Ultimately, with practice, you each need to become trustees for the entire world – for all of nature. That will ensure your survival as a species! But let’s leave that for another day!

Sounds good to me!!

For today, focus on seeing others as the same as you – even ‘though they’re in a different body.

See them having the same yearnings, the same hopes, the same desires, the same passions, the same creativity, the same joy, the same Spirit….simply in their own unique bodies…..

Then amplify these new understandings by filtering and strengthening them through your heart before you act upon them.

In this way, you will change your future.

Disciplined focus will help you avoid sliding back into your ego…….

To be continued……