Conversations With Spirit #8

I was working in the garden when The Voice spoke…..


Are you aware that today you stand at the brink of unprecedented global destruction, global warming, global social subservience and global violence?

Today??!! What time?!

I accept that as humour….although your situation is far from funny.

Why are you telling me? Surely you should be telling those in power and those with the ability to make a difference…

May I remind you that you – indeed every human – acts as my spokesperson. At least to the degree that you and they listen to me.

We’re all spokespeople?

Absolutely, although many of you haven’t tuned in lately.

Well, we do get busy.

You’ve told me that before. Why don’t I believe it?

Maybe because you are all also my arms and legs and I don’t see many of you acting like my spokespeople, either.

We’re your arms and legs??!!

Please Les, enough with the humour! You don’t really imagine I have hands and feet, a head and chest, do you?

You are the body…..I am the Heart. And your purpose is to express my Heart through your body…..

I am truly trying as best I can! So what must we do regarding the chaos you speak about?

I told you thirty years ago (21st January 1991) but let me remind you once again….

Your planet Earth has once again achieved the power of self-destruction. It has been thus so many times before.

Your planet’s history is littered with the obliterated struggles of its life-forms to re-unify with All That Is.

Each attempt has failed – and you were forced to planetary death, then healing and then reincarnation.

The Earth lived on….but Man began again!

And now the time has come when you must learn the lessons of your being – of co-existence with the whole of nature – or suffer, once again, the loss of all you be, of all of human life upon your planet.

I come to help you bridge your transformation into the higher realm of Spiritual Self upon the Earth.

I come to urge you to exertion – that what has been your Hell may turn into your Heaven (and not your graveyard).

I send you Peace and Love and Joy and Clarity.

Know what is asked of you is not conversion to angelic form but transformation of relationship with Nature.

The time has now arrived when you must own new understanding in your minds of many misconceptions – and also own new understanding in your hearts of those illusions that keep your world a forever worsening, forever deepening living Hell on Earth from which you can’t escape.

My separation had a purpose: experience.

And it was pure in form.

But Man, in ignorance, has convoluted separation….. turning love into hate, inclusivity into exclusivity, co-operation into competition,  generosity into greed, trusteeship into ownership – and joy into pain.

Your lives and your societies today are based on lack.

And now the time has come, the final chance, to shift perception – to take your rightful place in time and space. To heal your planet and yourselves.

I come to offer help, to send you hope, to give encouragement, to show a Path, to light your Way.

I urge you on across illusion’s barrier into abundant life…..

To be continued……