Conversations With Spirit #7

I was on the computer when I became aware of company…..


Are you enjoying being part of Me, Les?

To be honest, most of the time, yes. But, you know, a lot of people have a lot of trouble getting their head around the idea that we’re all part of The Godhead.

You can’t tell me anything I don’t already know…..

Well, it’s a big sell job!! Some people look at me as if I just arrived from Mars when I tell them we’re all Spirit and spiritual…..

Well, it’s a big shock to many of them, Les. Some have had lifetimes of being told they’re useless, worthless idiots – and in many cases their experiences have hammered home their worst nightmares.

Yes, I meet a lot of hurt people…..

That’s because a lot of people are ruthless in the way they manipulate and control other people. And that’s often because they’re afraid of being controlled themselves.

We should surely be supporting one another rather than controlling.

Well, the less you appreciate your own worth the less you care about the worth of others. So you just do what seems to be in your own best interests.

Well, plenty of good folk come across plenty of other folk who just seem to believe it’s in their best interests to lie, insult, demean, destroy, steal, kill, rape, misuse, mistreat and violently abuse others….and you still say all folk, both good and bad, are “an aspect of The Divine”….??

They certainly are. Their bad behaviour simply shows that they’re hurting. Remember, Les, only hurt people hurt people…..

So these people most certainly need to be reminded of their greatness.

Their greatness? Don’t you mean their weaknesses?

Not at all. Their weakness is self-evident and they see that only too well. No, they need to see their greatness – the truth that’s deep within them. That’s the remedy to their problems.

That’s the cure for their behaviour.

What about a short stint in hell for them?

Ah, hell is just a state of mind, Les. There’s no such place, physically speaking…. Hell is just that state of supposed separation from My Self and All That Is.

In it, one has only one’s tragedies to keep one company…..

And heaven?

Aah….heaven is simply Oneness with My Self. Again, not a physical place as much as a state of being…..of being love, compassion, kindness, sincerity, joy, care and serenity…..

It sounds a lot better than life on Earth – or Mars…..

It’s clearly possible on either planet, Les. Certainly on Earth – which is why I’m sharing through you…..


Oh, incidentally, Les – you can’t have come from Mars……

Life there is totally different in shape and form…..

To be continued…..