Conversations with Spirit #6

This time I was on the tractor slashing the front paddock when I sensed Spirit tugging at my ears…..


None of you are who you think you are, you know…..

Err, do we have to talk now? Can’t it wait until I get home?

Are you suggesting you’re too busy to hear truth?

Not at all…’s just that I don’t have pen and paper on hand….


The Voice kindly waited while I drove the tractor home…..

None of you are who or what you think you are.

It’s important you all realise that.

Man, beast, tree, bird, fish, plant, insect……All life, every living thing, is a microscopic aspect of My Self.

The planet, its metals, its crystals, its minerals, its liquids…. everything is also a microscopic aspect of My Self.

And being so, all are part of My Self, all part of The Godhead.

It’s reassuring to hear that. Many of us think we originated from primordial mud and it’s all over after death….we just disintegrate back into the mud.

Well, biologically speaking, many of you are correct.

But you’re much more than your biology.

There is intelligence within your light-force and that never ends…..

Our Light-force?

Yes, being an aspect of My Self you are an aspect of Light.

This Light you call your Spirit and your Soul. All living energies contain this Light.

How do we express it?

Most obviously, as Love. Less obviously as Infinity.

You mean we go on forever?

Don’t make it sound like a death sentence! After all, there is no death but rather endless transmutation from form to form

to form……

Does everything go on?

Certainly, in one form or another.

And does everything love?

Only sentient life-forms, animal and human, encapsulate that longing for Oneness you call Love…..and then only to the degree that they are conscious enough to embrace their reality.

Why would we not embrace that reality?

Because you aren’t reminded of it. Your teachers don’t teach it. Your leaders don’t lead you along its pathways.

Your priests don’t share its mysteries. And you forget in the hurly burly of everyday existence to look yourselves.

Well we do get busy…..

You do. But you should never be too busy, Les, to own your Truth…..especially when it’s the path out of your confusion, misery and mistakes.

Please explain…..

That longing for Oneness is, ultimately, a longing for My Self, an innate desire to ultimately reintegrate into the One which is both your home, your Source and your eternal Being.

That’s a huge perspective shift for most of us!

It’s your Truth.

You – each of you – are Life Itself.

You are particles of Infinite Light.

As such you are Love.

And you are eternal.

You are a microscopic aspect of My Self, The Godhead.

They are the most important truths for each of you to be aware of, to recognise and to live by.

The Universe is in harmony when Life does so.

And you will be in harmony the moment you do so, too….

To be continued…..