Conversations With Spirit #50 – Book 2

(a timely sample from my nearly finished 2nd book of Conversations With Spirit)


The New Year was quickly approaching and I was eagerly awaiting it.

Then Spirit spoke…….

You look like a man waiting for a bus…..?

I’m actually looking forward to the new year!

So what’s holding you back?

Pardon? Nothing I’m just waiting for it…..!

Are you expecting it at a certain time?

Err….yes. Around midnight on the 31st.

Oh! So at a certain time on a certain day?

Obviously…..that’s why it’s called a ‘new year’.

I realise that – but is it?

Err….yes. At least that’s our program on Planet Earth. I can’t speak for Mars or Alpha Centauri….

You’re missing my point and running on sarcasm….isn’t every moment a new moment?.


So isn’t every day made up of a series of new moments?


So isn’t every year simply a series of new moments?


So what’s the difference between one new moment and another? Aren’t they all new?


No need to get exasperated, Les. I’m not criticising you…..

I’m just clarifying a truth for you.

Every moment is new.

And isn’t it true that it is only in the moment of each moment that you have any opportunity to make anything – or a lot more than just anything – out of it?


And isn’t it true that you can’t experience any moment until it arrives – or after it’s departed? Once it’s gone…. it’s gone!


And isn’t it true that there aren’t different classes of moments: first class, second class, bottom of the class….

Rather, each moment offers its own opportunities, its own gifts, its own challenges, its own limitations and its own beauty?

I really hadn’t explored the concept of a ‘moment’ like this before ….

Most people never do. Which is probably why they make such a ‘hoo-haa’ about one set of moments over another.

So I shouldn’t be making such a big deal of the ‘new year’?

Let’s just say that instead of making all those resolutions – most of which never see the light of day – you are far better off making the most of each moment as it happens throughout the year!

That does make sense…..

Of course. How could you doubt……?

So should we forget New Year’s Eve altogether?

Certainly not!


No…’s a commemoration! It shows you survived another year!

It’s worth a party! And after you get into the habit of making the most of many more of your instant moments you’ll find it will also be a celebration of a life being as well lived as it can!

That sounds good!

Yes, so you should still party!

But drop the resolutions……

Not drop them but bring them forward to this moment…..and that moment……don’t wait for some distant celebratory moment to start the change you know you want to start!

Start it now….and now…….and now……and now!

I get it……

I hope you do……and I hope that, instead of counting down to the new year or the new month or the new baby or the new job or the new anything, you make this moment count….and this one……and this one……..


Happy New Year……and Namaste!