Conversations with Spirit #5

I was down servicing the tractor when I felt an urgent impulse to get home and turn on the computer…..


Good morning God, why the sudden hurry this morning?

No hurry, my boy, did you have something to do – anything to do – that was more important than talk with me?

Err, certainly not. Did you have a particular topic in mind?

Of course. I never act aimlessly.

Of course not……so the topic?

Yes, my name. I want to be known as SPIRIT.

SPIRIT? Why not God? Most people know you as God…..

Yes – and most people abhor, dislike, and are distrustful of any concept called ‘God’.

Not everyone….

Most. And most of those who talk about me as ‘God’ expect exclusive rewards and ownership for their allegiance.

So you want me to change the name of the conversations we’ve had?

No……but I’d like you to also use the term ‘SPIRIT’ in all our future ‘talks’ to denote my everyday inclusion in your lives.

Let’s keep ‘God’ to indicate the totality of my Being.

No problems. In fact, I think it makes you more accessible and acceptable to many people. So, we’ll be having talks in the future?

Of course. Let me repeat myself: I never act aimlessly.

I have spoken to you many times in the past – and thankfully sometimes you’ve listened and placed my talks on record…..

You’ve spoken to me many times?

Yes, you called me ‘Mordechai’ then because I spoke through your soul.

You were Mordechai? Your language was rather archaic…..

What did you expect? Your soul is archaic! But you can fix archaic.


Translate it into the everyday language of your current society.

That might be a big job.

Let me repeat myself a second time: did you have anything more important to do?


Good. And now to our new talks……

I’m all ears…..

No….you’re you’re mainly mouth. But that’s why we’re talking.

Your world is moving into a new phase of turmoil.

Things will get much worse before they get better.

That’s not good news.

That’s ordinary news on your planet. It always has been.

Things have always fluctuated from periods of anarchy, war, slavery, poverty and disruption to periods of relative peace, prosperity and abundance. Chaos has been your neighbour since you were first born on the planet, millennia ago.

You’re simply entering a new Chaotic phase now.

And you’re going to pull us out of the mess?

Certainly not. You got yourselves into it and in time you will work your way through and out of it. You always have.

It’s the social consciousness pattern you have devised for this planet.

You’re saying it’s our mess and we have to clean it up?

Precisely. I just want to give – at least to those of you who are aware and awake – the assurances you need .

Which are?

I want to share the way to move through and out of the dehumanising and brutalising era which much of your world is now submissively entering…..please keep up with me Les.

Sorry. So there is a way forward that isn’t all doom and gloom?

Absolutely. And that’s what we’re going to discuss in our talks……..


And you are going to discuss and share these talks with as many people as you can.

With your help…..!!

Ask and the door is open. Listen and you’ll hear my Voice…..

Remember I AM your SPIRIT.


To be continued…..