Conversations With Spirit #39

I was eager to continue our previous conversation but worried where it might lead….so I gingerly asked…..


You said in our last talk that we are “blissfully ignorant” of where we are. Did that mean anything in particular?

Everything I say has particular meaning, Les…..

Okay, so what does it mean?

Well, it means that yes humans are unaware of the actual world around them…..

Can you explain that please….

Let me ask you a few questions…..

What determines what you can see?…..

My eyes.

Yes your eye’s retina picks up light vibrations in the range 430 and 750 terahertz (or in more ordinary language between – but not including – infrared and ultraviolet). However other animals see things at different wavelengths (such as snakes that can see infrared; and spiders that can see ultraviolet).

So they can see more than humans can?


So what determines what you can hear?

My ears.

Precisely. And your sound range operates between 20hz and 20,000hz.  You are deaf to every sound outside that range. For comparison cats can hear between 45hz and 65,0000 hz – that’s over three times the human range!

So they can hear much more than humans can?


So what determines what you can smell and taste?

My nose and tongue.

Correct. Mainly the six million olfactory detectors

in your nasal passage. Humans have a good sense of smell. But a dog by comparison has 220 miilion olfactory detectors sniffing out information….

So they can smell a lot better than humans?

You have over fifty different senses – and combined they offer you a perception of reality which is limited to their range….

So you’re saying there’s more to ‘here’ than what we can see, hear, smell, taste or feel?

Much more!

So why were we created to be so limited?

For your own good. You are still far too immature to have working access to the real world around you.

The ‘real world’ is all around us?


But we don’t know it’s there?

Well actually there’s an entire developing universe that you unconsciously interpenetrate. What you term reality is thus restricted to your limited perceptions.

You recognise enough to be able to adequately function in a practical sense.

We have no access?

You certainly have access, albeit limited. Surely, these conversations are themselves an indication of what is beyond your eyes and ears – and is an affirmation of your admittance to ever-higher levels of understanding? 

So how much of the ‘real world’ do we perceive?

Visualise a sky-scraper 100 storeys tall.

Its height from top to bottom represents all of matter, everything that contains the vibration of life…… from the lowest to the highest….

Now to your question…..How much of the height of this skyscraper represents everything you can see, hear, feel, taste, smell….the totality of life as you perceive it?

You tell me…..

The amount of height represented by a single grain of rice – on its side.

That’s all we perceive of reality????

That’s all……….

Well, that’s surely one question I definitely shouldn’t have asked ….



This will be the last in this series for a while.

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