Conversations With Spirit #38

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It was early morning when my wife and I heard an eerie sound that seemed to come from the mountain behind our home.

It was so unusual and “alien” that it prompted this question….

Is there alien surveillance of us on Planet Earth?

Aah…you wish to open “Pandora’s jar”!

What does that mean?

The ancient Greeks told a story of how Pandora opened a jar and many unforseen problems escaped into the world…..

I just asked about aliens….

Well, yes you did. And yes, there is. But you have no reason to fear them as they are simply observing and not interfering.

Does that satisfy your curiosity?

Not at all! That simply prompts it! Where do they come from?

You surely don’t mean that question?! It’s like being at a busy traffic corner and asking where do all the cars come from…..

Well if there’s that many how come we don’t bump into them every day?

I can see we are going to have to start in kindergarten….

What does that mean?

It means you seem blissfully ignorant of the what and the where of who you are. 

I am a human being on Planet Earth and I’m called Les.

Well, that does describe a specific physicality within a particular locus with an unambiguous nomenclature. 

It does?

Let’s move on…..let’s get back to these aliens….how many planets do you know of?

Nine including Pluto and Earth.

Well, if you reduced your local backyard – the entire solar system with its nine planets that circles around your personal star, your Sun – down to the size of an ordinary sheet of paper…..then the local galaxy you live in which you call the Milky Way would be bigger than the entire area of the United States. 

That makes us insignificant….!

I haven’t started yet. That galaxy contains half a trillion suns (you call stars) each with their own circling planets.

I guess that means many trillions of planets!

It certainly does. And that galaxy, the Milky Way, is just one of many trillions of galaxies, each with their own trillions of stars being circled by their own planets.

So were not the centre of the Universe….?

Yes and no. Everywhere is – and nowhere is.

But let’s leave that for another talk!

In a nutshell, there are more suns (stars) in your Universe – each with their own circling planets – than there are grains of sand on all your beaches across the world.

Now, you were asking, I believe, if you are the only

Intelligence that exists – or if you have alien competition?

Maybe if I just asked if Higher life-forms want to take us over ….?

Not at all. They’re far too busy with their own problems.

They don’t need yours as well. However many advanced life-forms are most interested to observe how less developed llfe-forms function. Rather like your own researchers like to follow the social and mating behaviours of Great Apes and suchlike….

So, aliens do exist?

Next question?

To be continued next week……