Conversations With Spirit #36

Note: Some of these Conversations can deeply challenge.
They even challenge me, the writer, sometimes! But I stay true to my connection and share what I receive……Please be assured I mean no disrespect to any person or belief system.


I was walking through the paddocks…..trying to get my head around our previous conversation.

Suddenly I realised I needed to start another….

So….if I were to believe that Yeshua – Jesus – returned from death would that make me a Christian?

Not necessarily… would merely make you a believer in life after life.  

But I’ve always believed that.

Then nothing’s changed except your inclusion of Jesus amongst your many examples of life-being-greater-than-just-life…

It would make a Jesus a major example of life-after-life!  After all, the records say he was seen by hundreds of people! Most of my own experiences involve only one or two people maximum!

Well, how many atomic bombs does it take for you to believe in the power of atomic bombs?

Just one…..thankyou. So what is the difference between accepting the return of Jesus after death for a while – and being a Christian?

Depends on the Christian. After all, there’s many hundreds of individual different sects and specific Christian belief systems in your world today. But in general it could be to believe that Jesus was the Messiah and that he lived a sinless life, undertook many miracles, died a nasty death in order to redeem humanity’s broken relationship with the Divine and rose again victorious over Satan, sin, and death itself.

Okay, well I’m happy to accept that he may well have returned to this particular vibrational level we call “Planet Earth”……

For me, that’s not outside the realm of possibility at all. After all, even in the Bible it says that Jesus had a real-life conversation in front of witnesses with both Moses and Elijah – and both of them were last known to be living on the planet 1,000 to 1,500 years earlier!

Yes, there’s no time in a timeless Universe! But let’s leave that for another talk!

So what is meant by ‘the Messiah”?

A Messiah is one whom, the Jews and Christians believe leads the world into an age of peace and understanding.

He is said to be “anointed” which means they believe he is given Divine power to guide the world into its changes.

Sadly, that’s not happened. Indeed, many Christian countries seem to be just as dysfunctional as they were 2,000 years ago….they’re just dysfunction in different ways.

That is true, Les. But it needn’t remain that way.

Isn’t it also true that originally there would only have been one serious alternate belief system to traditional Judaism in Israel – and that would have been the actual teachings of Jesus?

These days there seems to be thousands of alternate belief systems based on that same one man…..

That is true, Les – although there have always been multiple different Jewish sects, too.

That doesn’t make it any easier for society to come together in peace and understanding, does it?

It doesn’t necessarily make it any harder. Whether people move from one – or a thousand – different belief systems into just one … all the same. In fact, it may well be easier for people to move from a belief system that doesn’t have many followers compared with moving from a belief system that seems to be the popular choice….

I hadn’t thought of that….so the decline in existing religious allegiance could herald a new awakening?

Absolutely. And that Awakening can bring about the changes human society desperately seeks!

You say “can bring about….”…don’t you know?.

Do you remember……… I have given you free-will?

I certainly do! So does this mean a new Christianity, a new more inclusive belief system, may be about to rise? One that can bind people together in love, respect, care, harmony and togetherness?

It certainly may….

Would it be based on ancient Judaism? Or Catholicism?

Or Buddhism?

Why either? Why not the simple teachings of Jesus?

Why not, indeed!

All people owning their true value, living sacred lives in harmony, expressing peace, kindness and an abundance of that Oneness which indeed they are …..

Of course….

To be continued next week……