Conversations With Spirit #32

Do you now see how life is full of miracles, Les?

Well, I certainly see conception now as a miracle!

That’s just the start, you know…..

Every moment of a baby’s growth is a miracle, too!

I understand it proceeds in a set pattern…..

It proceeds in a way that is itself a miracle…

Which way?

When that ball of cells eventually reaches the uterus it burrows into the uterine wall. It’s been a 7-day adventure for it already!!

I had no idea….

But that’s just the start…’s already produced a hormone to tell the ovaries to stop releasing eggs… the cells on the inside of the egg form the embryo whilst those on the outside form the placenta (which will deliver vital nutrients and oxygen as well as take away the waste)….the miracle unfolds and by the 4th week that new life is the size of a poppy seed……and by the fifth week it’s just the size of a sesame seed! 

That small….

Well, by then it looks like a tadpole! It’s brain, spinal cord, nerves and circulatory system are starting to develop – and it’s minuscule heart….wait for the astounding miracle!…… is starting to beat!! It pounds out its excitement at life at up to 160 beats a minute!!

I’m gob-smacked…

You should be! By week 6 – still the size of a lentil – its ears, eyes and nose are starting to form; and its tongue and vocal chords are beginning to develop inside its tiny little mouth……isn’t that miraculous enough for you?

Yes! Absolutely!

As it develops each baby replicates the flow and development of life as it has evolved on your planet.

That’s why it looks like a tadpole for a short time….and in week 6 its backbone even grows a tail for a few days (yes, it will drop off…..none of you keep it too long!).

By now your arms and legs look rather like paddles…..


By Week 7 the baby’s arms and legs look far more human and its stomach, liver and pancreas are all starting to grow! Its eyes start miraculously developing…..the delicate tiny cornea, iris, pupil, lens and retina….each is created according to My universal human blueprint!

And the baby’s still only the size of a blueberry!

Still searching for a miracle, Les? 

I apologise!

By week 8 (still the size of a kidney bean!) the baby has knees and a nerve system connecting its minuscule muscles, its tiny tissues and its expanding organs. Its fingers and toes are now webbed – yep, as I have said every life replicates life every lifetime…..a miracle, eh?

Not something that simply grew out of a few basic atomic particles rubbing together haphazardly?

Nothing haphazard about my Creations at all, Les!

Nothing at all.

And that holds true down to the last webbed finger!!

I’m totally on side!

No need to take sides, son! Just honour the truth!

By week 9 – still only as big as a grape – the baby’s elbows and joints can flex and ten little toothy pegs appear (as per My blueprint!).

And by just the 10th week it’s webbing has gone, its nails and fingerprints are developing, the baby can open and close its fists, move his limbs and curl his toes!

Let me repeat that……curl his toes in just 10 weeks!

Try creating that from scratch in your laboratories, Les!

The baby’s brain is rapidly developing –  and its teeth are connected to its jaw-bone…..

And its jaw bone’s connected to its….

Face, Les! A face that by just the 10th week has well defined features! By now the baby has grown to the size of a kumquat and its head measures half the length of its body. It’s eyes fuse shut and will stay that way for seventeen weeks……

Shortly, that baby will be able to squint, frown, grimace and start seriously communicating with its Mum…..

Life is a miracle, Les. A miracle. I rest my case……


To be continued next week……