Conversations With Spirit #31

Do you deeply appreciate life as full of miracles, Les?

Like water turning into wine?

That’s not actually that miraculous, you know…..Squeeze grapes and you get water….add a yeasting agent and the water will turn into wine.

No, I was talking about real miracles….like life!

Life…? It happens every day! Researchers say it’s probably happened around 110 billion times on our planet…..

I say that every one of those events is “a miracle”…

Why is that?

Because every birth is miraculous!!

It’s a fairly common everyday occurrence!

That doesn’t stop it being a miracle! Every female starts life with well over a million eggs in her ovaries. By the time she’s ready for babies she’s already shed three quarters of them.

It’s like being in a city of a quarter of a million souls all eagerly waiting to be called up for duty!

They mature in little sacks called follicles and when one egg matures the follicle releases it and it’s swept into the fallopian tube, It travels down the tube, pushed by tiny hairs – and awaits the arrival of a teaspoon of sperm. That teaspoon contains some 300 million sperm, all eager to mate with the egg!

That must be like a Boy Scouts Jamboree with 300 million in Camp….

Well, less than one third of 1% pass the first test and get to join the race down the cervix to the egg – just  15 cm away!

The other 99% fail this first hurdle.

That 15 cm trip down the cervix can take half an hour for Speedy Sam but 12 hours for Sleepy Simon!

The sperm’s long tails push them along – but still more than 99% of those still in the race get lost and die on the way… and often only 200 sperm (out of 300 million starters) successfully make it all the way to the egg!

You make it sound like the Olympics!

It is! The greatest challenge ever!! When they reach the egg they then have to penetrate its surface and burrow into it.

They’re racing against both the clock – and against their competitors who are trying to beat them to the punch!!

Then the Winner combines their own genetic material – all 23 chromosomes – with the 23 chromosomes of the egg.

And voila! – the egg is fertilised and the race is won!

Another life is on its way into physical expression!

Phew! I’m, exhausted just thinking about it!

Spare a thought for the egg! Within 24 hours the egg divides into two cells….then 12 hours later into 4 cells…… and 12 hours later into 8 cells…then 16 cells….then 32…. then 64…..

As it slowly makes its way into the uterus it continues to double until it arrives as a proud 512 cell egg!


By the time that egg has transformed itself into a baby ready to leave its mother’s womb it will have grown from a single cell to a functioning body of well over 2 trillion living, breathing, sensing, conscious cells!

And I thought men had it tough!

Now, tell me, Les….Is this not a miracle? Yes, it’s an everyday event – an everyday miracle, Les!

And you are surrounded with them, everywhere you look! You yourself have been created, this lifetime and time after time, by the miraculous process you call pregnancy! You are yourself a miracle!

See your self and your life as the miracle it is!

See it as a miracle – and let your life flow with miracles!

To be continued next week……