Conversations With Spirit #29

Sitting by a stream, I was pondering how they always ultimately meandered to the ocean….


Do you understand the deeper meaning behind your reflections, Les?

No. Are you about to tell me?

I’d prefer you to work it out for yourself. After all, anything I tell you simply becomes “something I told you” – another piece of data to put in your data bank – whereas what you discover for yourself becomes intrinsically part of you.

That makes sense. But I’ll still happily accept your help….

So let’s do it!

Well, as the rivers run into the ocean they must be running downhill……

Good observation….If the ocean was higher than the rivers the water would run up them instead of down.

And the water that flows into the rivers significantly comes from rainfall …which comes from clouds…..which ultimately originated from thermal updrafts out of the ocean… .

Going well. It’s a cycle.

And although all cycles have start points their end point is unknown…at least until something else interferes….

Well, I’d express that thought as their end point isn’t expressed until something else intervenes and distorts the cycle….

Yes. And just as water flows downward so does Spirit and Truth and Love.

Aah! That’s what I was hoping to hear! Yes, consciousness is always flowing downward…..from My Divine Presence to the archangels and bodhisattvas to the Masters and Teachers to the Guides and Spiritual Mentors……

So everything flows into the Ocean of Love….

You’ve got it, Les! Now add to your understanding….

Hmmm…many different rivers flow into the ocean…..some big, some small, some rapidly, some slowly…..

Yes! And every river is different in endless ways! No one particular river is ‘right’ or ‘correct’…..they are each simply different channels for Love, Light, Compassion, Joy, Kindness, Selflessness and Life to flow into an ocean of Oneness…..

Ah-ha…..And from there, in time, to be drawn back up into the

Greater Oneness from which they originated…..

You are progressing well, My son!.

Doing well?

Progressing……yes. So let’s now take it further….

Well….if I view the fish in the rivers and oceans as the Love and Light and Peace you mention…..then it would make sense to fish in faster, cleaner streams….

Two things, My boy…..firstly, there is only one ocean…. you call it many names as it appears in many places….. secondly the Love and Light and Peace I mention isn’t the fish but the stream, the waters of life, themselves…

So we should listen to the stream and what it has to tell us?


And…if we want to best help others we best do it from the ocean, the combined consciousness of every stream and of everything and everyone and every honest teaching…..

Yes, Les. Now complete your understanding…..

If many streams make the ocean we are best to take from the ocean rather than just one individual stream….

And you best serve others by sharing the ocean…… by letting the Oneness you perceive flow upward…. by being lower yourselves….

Give yourselves no fancy titles. Wear no fancy clothes.

Prepare no fancy places. Make no fancy promises.

Be the lowest of the least. Be meek and mild and humble.

Be in the service of anyone who seeks the Truth.

Be a stream.

Flow into the ocean of My Heart…….


To be continued……