Conversations With Spirit #28

I was watching a plane fly across the deep blue sky when my reflections were suddenly interrupted….


Do you remember watching a plane take off?

Yes I do.

How does it take off?

It speeds along the runway.

Do you know what speed it needs?

Depends if it’s a 747 or a Cessna……

Okay, smartie…say a 747….

About 300km/hour if fully loaded weighing around 400,000kg

Doesn’t that amaze you that being so heavy it can fly?

Sure does….

So what is absolutely necessary for it to lift off?





I give up……what?

It flies into the wind……not with it……

Hmmm…that’s something to think about…..

You’re just like that 747. You have wings that let you fly.

I do?

Your wings are called life. It holds you up and supports you through the experience you call existence.


And you also have wheels to carry you along.

I do?

Your wheels are called your body. Without it you can’t go anywhere interesting……


And you have your own winds to help you fly high….

I do?

They’re called issues and problems and challenges. They offer you resistance – and when you use them wisely they help you to soar to your greatest heights!

So having issues is good?

Having issues to get your teeth stuck into, to work through, to resolve, to be challenged by……these ‘winds of life’ are absolutely vital to your flight through life!

You make my problems look like gifts, aids to help me grow…

They certainly are, Les.

I give you problems – the headwinds of your life – so that you can grow stronger, more adaptable, more resilient by flying into them…. and using them to lift you up to wiser, more helpful, better understandings.

You can’t fly if you never leave the ground.

Sometimes it seems safer down on the ground……

That’s the reason many of you prefer to stay with the problems they have rather than rise above them.

Fear of the unknown often hold us back…..

Fear can ground you, if you let it.

But see fear for what it is and you free yourself!

FEAR…..a False Expectation that Appears Real… see it to be false and you have dealt it a mortal blow!

So I should give thanks for my problems and difficulties?

You learn from them……harness them… into them head-on……and then rise high above them!

You make it sound so easy….

It is. Would you like to make it hard? That’s easy, too.

You simply abort take-off and stay grounded.

But remember this: I created you to stretch your wings, face the wind and fly!!


To be continued……