Conversations With Spirit #27

I was reading the Tao Te Ching when I was interrupted….


Is there meaning to your madness, Les?

Err…..what madness are you referring to?

The madness of constantly wanting to know more.

I thought “knowing more” was better than just staying ignorant?

Absolutely….it is. But just knowing more in itself achieves very little and can actually harm you.

How on earth could it harm me?

What happens if you over-eat, Les?

I get nauseous….

What else?







If I keep it up, fat!

And also….?

Sometimes, groggy in the head. It becomes harder to think clearly.

And you also injure yourself, damaging the proper functions of your body’s organs… can get ill.

Yes, that one, too……

All through over-eating. It’s the same with over-knowing.

We can over-know?

You certainly can, Les. And you certainly do….

I don’t feel fat or bloated or groggy or nauseous….

Of course not. Instead you feel confused and puzzled.

Your bewilderment can make it hard for you to make wise decisions sometimes. That can be because you have too many options to choose from…

That’s me, sometimes……

It’s not what you know but what you do with it that’s important…

I understand that…..

And it’s not how much you know but how much of that knowing truly benefits you that’s important….

That makes sense… should I stop studying?

You should go on a diet. Allow yourself to lose some excess weight of unnecessary knowledge. It just makes your brain bulge and doesn’t really benefit you at all.

A kind of brain diet?

That’s it. Dump the unnecessary in your Reject Bin.

Allow time to delete it. And use discretion as to what you feed your brain in future. If it’s not healthy and beneficial to you leave it alone, ignore it, move on.

That’s good food for thought…..

Is that a joke, Les? I hope so!

Go on a diet….a ‘less-thoughts-for-thoughts-sake’ diet…..

And make the most of the positive, loving, caring, helpful and inclusive thoughts you already have!