Conversations With Spirit #26

Could we talk about sex?

Love to, Les……it’s one of my favourite topics! Anything in particular in mind?

Well, we could start with why it’s one of your favourite topics?

I’d have thought celibacy was more your style…..

Heavens no! Celibacy was never meant to mean ‘no sex’!

Indeed, the latin simply means ‘unmarried’.

I thought it meant ‘no sex’.

Not at all! Did you know the Eastern Catholic church has always encouraged its priests to marry as do the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Jews, the Moslems, the Shinto and most Protestant churches….

And the Western Catholic Church?

Their priests married and had children for a thousand years! Then they were forced to stop getting married….. but that never stopped many of them enjoying sex!

Just 450 years ago Pope Paul 111 held off ordination in order to continue a promiscuous lifestyle, fathering four illegitimate children (three sons and one daughter) by Silvia Ruffini after his appointment as cardinal-deacon of Santi Cosimo and Damiano. He later broke off his relations with her but made his illegitimate son the first duke of Parma.

Wow! I had no idea….

Even the first Pope of the Christian church, Peter, was married. And of course, some of Jesus’ other disciples were, too!

I read that in the Bible….

The first commandment I gave humans (in the Bible) was “be fruitful and multiply”….you can’t do that without sex!

I also told you that you had been made ‘in my image’.

Like a mini version?

Yes, but obviously not physically.…..I don’t have your body!

So we’re not physically similar?

Of course not! I gave you the power of discernment, the ability to appreciate beauty, to delight in the sensual, to be conscious and aware, observant and discriminating, to be patient and tolerant, to express kindness and to feel compassion, to empathise, to enthusiastically create, explore, comprehend and distil, to be love and awareness…..


I gave you bodies to use, passions to ignite….and after I had finished I said “It is good”.

Can we get back to sex?

I gave you feelings, emotions, sensations, sentience of every kind and I said “It is good”….

So sex is okay?

Of course it is! Without sex there would be no life!

The real issue for you is do you express your yearnings and feelings and emotions respectfully, courteously and honestly?

I try……

Do you always consider the other above your own needs?

I try…..

Do you always desire to fulfil the beneficial needs of others before your own?

I try…..

The correct, loving, spiritual answer, is YES.

So should we study sex to become better at it?

Well, if you consider sex a mechanical operation I imagine you’d want to develop your engine’s torque……

But if you use common-sense and replace the word ‘sex’ with ‘love-expression’ (or love-making) then you simply need to be genuinely, authentically loving, don’t you?

The act you speak of offers you the opportunity to embrace ‘Oneness’ for a brief moment in time….

Two become One. You lose the boundaries of your individual body and embrace a far greater Whole.

You experience – in the midst of constant duality – that ultimate singularity which is My Being…..

You touch Eternity!!

I think that’s enough talk today about sex, Les….

I don’t want you getting too excited…….

To be continued……