Conversations With Spirit #25

I was writing a chapter for a new book, explaining the fears and problems I remember experiencing during my early life…..


I do hope you’re not feeling sorry for yourself, Les…

Certainly not. But I am remembering some uncomfortable events.

Yes….in a way you were lucky weren’t you?

Lucky to have them or lucky to survive them?

Well, just lucky both ways ….although, to be absolutely honest with you, luck had nothing at all to do with it.  

It didn’t?

No, I did.

When I had to live with virtual strangers?

Me. It kept you safe…..

When I was forbidden to see any relatives?

Me. It made you more determined…..

When I had to come to Australia?

Me. It was important for your growth…..

When I was taken out of school and made to work at 13 in a valve factory?

Me. It helped you put your life into perspective….

What about when I was still young, scared and homeless and living dangerously on the streets of King Cross?

Me. Sheer genius when I think of it. Helped you to find your feet and assert your independence….

And when I got TB and was in hospital…they said I would die….

If you remember correctly you didn’t…..and you recovered.

Above all, that incident taught you the value of Life! 

I guess it did.

And I don’t think you’ve thanked me yet for it!!

So sorry. Thankyou!

Apology accepted! Thank you. I wonder if you realise that your sense of the sacred and the spiritual mainly arose out of your adversities and challenges?


Tough times, hurt, disappointment, rejection, loss, painful experiences, distress – all can be used to bring you to spiritual Illumination.

Good times rarely excite your sense of the Spiritual and Divine for more than a few moments. But a broken life can focus your attention on the numinous and bring you new awareness and understandings until you are healed…

Healed in every sense of the word, eh!

So true! In Japan they call it Kintsugi. They take a broken pottery vase and restore it by placing gold along the edges of its shattered shards….. By embracing its flaws and its imperfections they create an even more beautiful piece of art.

In the same way, I take the hurt and harmed and form you into even more beautiful beings of Spirit.

Simply ask….and you shall receive.

To be continued……