Conversations With Spirit #24

It was raining so I’d ducked into an historic city church to keep dry.

Inside everything was still and silent and pregnant with Spirit…..


Do you feel good in here?

I certainly do.

I’m glad. You’re meant to. That’s why it was built.

What, to make me feel good?

To make you feel safe in the house of God …. 

Well, I do.

Only problem is….it’s not My house. It’s the house the church built for themselves.

And they built it to convince the unthinking that I live in it.

Were all churches built like that?

Not originally, no. In the beginning they were built as places where like-minded people could gather together. A kind of networking centre. But then the organisers, the officials of the church, took “official possession” of me and from then onward I officially resided inside their buildings…… 

That’s a tad sarcastic, isn’t it….?

Not at all. They even lit red lights inside their buildings to indicate that I was “home’……

Did they also have red lights in the carpark to indicate your car was in its garage?

Now you’re the one being sarcastic, Les. Of course not.

So you don’t live here?

I ‘live’ everywhere.

Does that include Islamic mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas and Taoist pagodas?

Of course it does!

What about Navaho sacred mountains and Sikh gurdwara?

I’m there, too!

Even Morman temples and Jehovah Witness halls?

I am everywhere, Les. What part of that statement don’t you yet understand?

I am found in every sacred space and every mundane space, too.

I can be found in groves of trees, on river banks, in flowering meadows, on sandy beaches, in the depth of the ocean and in the vigour of the sky.

You can seek me in the hospital ward, the homeless shelter, the shopping mall and the massage parlour.

I am equally present by the bedside of a dying child and in the prison cell of the condemned prisoner.

You will find me in the abbatoir and in the rehab centre, in the cemetery and on the battle-field.

I am here and I am there. I AM everywhere.

I understand.

Then share my Message.

I live in the heart of every living being, both Man and beast.

I AM your life and I AM the Spirit that pervades you.

Seek Me.

Find Me.

Be ONE with Me……..


To be continued……