Conversations With Spirit #23

I was sitting at my desk pondering the well-deserved success of Og Mandino, surely one of the most influential and inspiring authors of the 20th Century…….  


Thinking about Og’s success are we, Les?

I certainly was….as you well know.

I certainly do. And he certainly became a wonderful Teacher ….

I think he was the best! 13 books, all of them brilliant!!

So you’d rate him as the VIP of authors….? 

Well, yes, I would. Definitely a VIP…a Very Important Person.

As you know he started life quite poor and his Mum died when he was a teenager….so he took a job in a paper factory.

Then, during the war he became a fighter pilot and afterwards an insurance salesman. But he became an alcoholic and soon lost his job, his house and his wife and children.

He changed his ways and took up writing and giving seminars and his books sold over 50 million copies in 25 languages….

Is there a reason for that bio…..??

There’s a reason for everything I do, Les! Can you guess what it is this time?

Not off hand….

Well, it’s to suggest that you spend less time praising VIPs (as important as they may be) and more time focussed on honouring WIPs……

WIPs…..what are they when they’re home?

A WIP is a Work In Progress. Someone who’s doing all they can to improve themselves, one simple step after another.

Og Mandino was a WIP…..a very successful WIP by the end of his up-and-down life…..

I Love it!

Everyone on your planet is a WIP. You’re a good example.

In your life you’ve had good times and bad, rich and poor, happy and sad, sick and well, fulfilled and dejected, excited and demoralised…….and most more than once or twice!!

You’re a good example of a developing Work In Progress…..

Err….thankyou….I think…..

No thanks necessary……I just want you to recognise that everyone you meet is a Work In Progress….some may seem to be on the ‘up’ whilst others may seem to be on the ‘down’.

So whatever is happening in their lives, be assured change is on the way!

I’ll remember that!!

Yes, remember that….and treat everyone with respect and understanding, accordingly!

I will.

Incidentally, you’re also a VIP…..

I am?!

Absolutely. A Very Important Person. As is every other person on you planet…..Let’s face it…..I don’t make mistakes. I make people out of the very fabric of the Universe and then breathe Eternal Life and Spiritual Love and Being into each of them….. how could they be anything less than sacred? You’re all VIPs!

We don’t all act like it!

No you don’t. In life’s hustle and bustle and ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ you forget who and what you are. Instead of acting from your power source – Me – you react from your Disempowerment source – you. You just have to remember and recognise your

Source for yourself…..

What if we can’t see it at this moment in time for ourself?

Then, for this moment, simply act like the WIP you are.

And before long you’ll be acknowledging both titles!!


To be continued……