Conversations With Spirit #22

The man held up his Stop Sign and told me I was going the wrong way…….

Sometimes you think like that road sign, don’t you Les?

What, that I’m going the wrong way?

Certainly. And sometimes you are. Such as just then….

I’m not arguing with you – but could you please get to the point?

That ‘Stop sign’ reflects your thoughts……thoughts that maybe you need to move past your Self in order to better connect with me, with Spirit, with the Divine…. 

Well, yes, I do think like that sometimes.

At such times you feel that your inner Self is somehow a blockage that obstructs you from accessing something deeper, greater, more infinite, more real deep inside….

That idea used to often cross my mind – but not as much now for some strange reason…..

The ‘strange reason’ for that change is because you have successfully accessed the ‘spiritual’ without having to dispose of the Self …..

So you can do it either way?

Certainly not! You never obliterate the Self! In fact, it’s the opposite… build it up!

That’s weird! People say that being self-less is the way to go…

Well it is. But being ‘self-less’ doesn’t mean eliminating or even just reducing the Self. It means reducing the negative and erroneous attitudes and beliefs that exist momentarily within the Self.

Somehow, that feels right…..

That’s because it is right!

Your True Self isn’t an obstacle to the Divine; and nor is it a diversion from it….

Your True Self is a vital and intrinsic aspect of the Divine!

You say our ‘True’ Self…..

Yes, your ‘True Self’……those aspects of your Ordinary Self which reflect and express the truth, the wisdom, the love and compassion which is your Divinity!

So what do we have to jettison?

Your lacks and your ignorance and all that reflects them.

You simply have to remove your mis-identification with those confused, inaccurate, untrue, incorrect and distorted thoughts that obscure the truth of your Being….. 

Is that hard?

It is if you think it is. Stay wedded to the negatives and it will remain almost impossible to achieve at that time.

It isn’t if you think it isn’t. Choose to connect more deeply to the sacred and change will soon be yours……

Thankyou for the hope….

No hope is needed at all.

The Self, the True Self, is the Divine.

The more you express it, the more you know it to be so.

There is no Self and Divine.

There is only Self as Divine.

Your True Self is always the sacred.

Your True Self, the individualised expression of Divinity, is always connected to MySelf, the unity of Divinity Itself.

All is One.

Go play……… the garden of God……


To be continued……