Conversations With Spirit #21

Driving the car home through teeming rain along a dark and lonely unused road one moonless night…..


I hope an alien doesn’t suddenly appear……

Suddenly scared of aliens, are we, Les?

Maybe nervous. Isn’t everyone, truly, deep within?

Not everyone. Certainly not the life-forms you call aliens.

They’re not nervous or scared of themselves at all.

Well, I really don’t want any more close encounters of the spooky kind.

Why not? Have you ever considered they might be visiting to help?

So you’re telling me they’re here?

Of course they’re ‘here’…..

Why? What do they want?

Well, let’s face it…’s not your intelligence they’re after!

And it’s not your money. And it’s not your women. And it’s not your semen. So that should put most of you at ease….

Don’t joke, it’s not a laughing matter!

Well it is if you think they’re here to destroy you. They’re far too intelligent for that. They had to be to reach you!

I hadn’t thought about that…..

That is humanity’s biggest issue…….intelligence. As a planet you know precisely what your world needs…….for all its inhabitants to live co-operatively in peace, in harmony, with everyone enjoying adequate shelter, food and fresh water,  education, health services, safety, life opportunities and with respect for individual cultures, appreciation of racial and societal differences, with gratitude for life and with love for one another.

And many people are working towards that…..

It doesn’t need working toward! You already have all the technology, all the logistics, all the know-how you will ever need to turn your world around.

You have enough food to feed everyone on your planet.

You have enough water. You have enough knowledge.

You have enough of everything to bring about such a new world……with one exception. 

What’s that?

You don’t have enough willpower. As a planet you are still focussed only on the self, You are selfish and greedy and self-centred. You never seem to have enough for yourself (no matter how much you have) so you have precious little to share with your neighbours…..

You make us out to be very primitive…..

You are, dear Les. You may live in a world of gadgets but most of you would quickly revert to the caveman if your house blew down, your power failed, your water ran out and your food became scarce……

I don’t know what to say….

And you don’t know what to do. That’s why most humans revert to fighting whenever anything goes wrong….. 

Which is why, my child, those higher intelligences you call ‘aliens’ keep on eye on you. Not to scare you. Not to interfere in your lives. But to stop you destroying one another and your living life-orb. And to gently introduce you to inclusive harmonious living………into a world where each cares and helps and supports the other……..

To be continued……