Conversations With Spirit #20

It felt it was my chance to ask a second question.
Certain I wasn’t alone……I eagerly started the conversation…..


What do you look like?

Ah! A question I cannot answer to your satisfaction!!

Why is that?

Because you would like a photograph, a picture to hang on your wall…..

It might help me to understand you better…..

Let me help you……what shape is the wind?

Err….it doesn’t have a particular shape!

What colour is it?

Ha ha….it doesn’t have a particular colour….

What size is it?

Okay…it doesn’t have any set size either!

No shape, no colour, no size….are you sure it exists?

Absolutely! I feel it!!!

Okay…..can you draw a picture of the fragrance of jasmine?

Of course not.

But you are certain of the fragrance?

Certainly! I remember it well.

Could you photograph the taste of garlic?


But you are certain of its taste?

Yes! I can’t forget it!

So you can’t picture the fragrance of jasmine or the taste of garlic… are you absolutely sure they exist?

Absolutely….my senses tell me so!

Could you buy me 2kg of Love?

Now you’re being ridiculous….

Well, could you at least show me 2kg of Love?

No, of course not!

If you can’t buy it – or at least show it to me – how can you be certain it even exists?

Because I am aware of its effects upon me.

Can you illustrate yesterday for me?


What about tomorrow?


Okay…..How about a picture of your life this day?

That doesn’t make a lot of sense…..

No. And in the same way, you can surely understand that nor does your question.

They each exist – but not in a way you can take and present as a ‘thing’. Of course, in your world, ‘things’ are very important.

Things seem to fill your world. At least for many of you.

But they are simply props….they are not the meaningfulness you seek.

Equally, I exist. But I AM not a ‘thing’. I AM Spirit.

The wind ruffles your hair. The fragrance of jasmine delights your senses. The taste of garlic sharpens your taste buds.

Love touches you in a hundred mystical, magical ways.

Yesterday reminds you of miracles.

Tomorrow fills you with hope.

Today offers you Life.

And me?

I offer you glimpses into your very Soul, your true and infinite Self.

Seek for me within.

Find me deep within.

Spend time with me quietly within….within that part of you that is beyond all the trinkets and things that surround you…..

To be continued……