Conversations With Spirit #19

I was sitting in the Temple, pondering.

Somehow I knew I wasn’t alone……so I asked my question…..


Was I a Jew in my last life?

You’ve been a Jew in many lives! But then you’ve also been a Christian, a Buddhist, a Taoist, a Sikh and a Moslem!

Wow, I’ve covered the options!

Yes, from Navaho to Hindu and everything in between.

Not to mention an outright disbeliever in many life times!

So I must have followed a lot of different Teachers – and a lot of different doctrines!

You certainly have! Probably because you were unhappy with the teachings you received……you went from system to system, seeking answers that resonated deep within…..

Why did none satisfy enough to keep me staying committed to them?

Some did….like the teachings of Jesus….but not enough to fully satisfy your need for truth…..

An example?

Yes, many Jesus followers believe that He was “Son of God” – and this is true. But your Jewish understandings, garnered over many lifetimes, also told you that every Jew was a “Son of God”……hence, your confusion. The two beliefs don’t match…..

‘A son of God’ was every Jew…..and they delighted to be so!

King David, Jesus, Moses…all were recognised as “sons of God”….

You yourself, Ron, Jack, Henry, Alice, Paula, Trish…..are all

My sons (and daughters)…

Any other examples?

Too many to count, Les!

Just one…..

Well, staying with Jesus, he said to love your neighbour as yourself and not to kill. Yet many of his teachers and most of his followers blithely ignored his teachings…..hating and killing.

No wonder many people, yourself included, considered the teachings ‘optional’ and often very impractical…..

So the teachings were wrong?

No, the teachers were misunderstood. And so the teachings became simply another option in a world of options…..

So will I be Jewish in my next life…?

Probably not, Les…..

Jain maybe?

I was rather thinking Simply Spiritual…….

To be continued……