Conversations With Spirit #18

I was sitting at my typewriter when suddenly I received this message, clearly in my head…..No introduction, no possibility to debate or discuss it…..The Voice simply spoke it to me with an obvious intention to have it typed out as the words were spoken……

Why strive to be something you already are, Les?

Why not simply allow you to unfold?

Does a young daffodil strive to bring forth its golden trumpet?

Does spring strive to bring forward summer?

Does the seed act like the tree it once will be?

Does a tadpole strive to jump like a frog or a caterpillar strive to fly like a butterfly?

You are whole and perfect, although unaware of your true being.

Strive not to be perfect – but rather perfectly who you are right now.

This is nature’s art of awakening to love.

Through your ever more loving expression will you flourish and grow.

You will become as the first rays of dawn that expand into the brightness of day.

The light which you are will grow ever stronger, richer, deeper – and stretch back ever further into the Divine Heart from which you once emerged.

Your own image of perfection is flawed by your own imperfect standards of worth.

Disregard, therefore, your own imperfect standards.

Instead, allow Spirit to imprint its essence and wholeness upon you.

And for now, for this moment, allow yourself to be your natural self.

Allow your petals of life to fearlessly unfold.

Allow your colours to shine a little brighter each day.

Allow your body and thoughts to gently transform you into wholeness.

Allow ‘better’ to be best, for now.

And then allow ‘better’ to blossom like the daffodil when it’s season has come.

You are evolution in living, moving, loving colour!

I leave you today to ponder these things…..

And I also leave you with an affirmation to use and to share…..

I am perfectly unfolding just as I am – and I give thanks for my eternal evolution into the wholeness I have always been!

To be continued……