Conversations With Spirit #16

Are you ready for a third conundrum, Les?

I had woken up shortly after dawn and was staring at the ceiling…..

If I have to…..

Great! What has force – but is powerless?

I’m sure you’re about to tell me…..

It would be better if you find out for yourself….

How come?

Well, whatever I tell you is simply data, information you may accept or reject depending on your particular situation, feelings and attitudes in the moment. Whereas, what you discover for yourself is truly part of you……

Makes sense…..

If you simply read a book or an article that’s data.

If you DO something about it, that experience becomes your TRUTH.

Makes a lot of sense…..

So if I simply told you that from good deeds comes love and compassion would that be enough for you to be deeply affected by love?

Certainly not!

What if I simply told you that simply by expressing compassion you could heal your soul? Would that be enough?

Of course not!

Maybe if I simply told you that greed will bring misery to your soul?

Would that be enough to stop you being greedy?

It might cause me to moderate my behaviour a tad……

But it wouldn’t simply deter you altogether from being greedy?


Is there anything I could simply tell you which would change your behaviour?

After all, they’re simple universal truths which I’ve just told you…..

Greed will sully your soul……Good deeds will trigger greater Love…..

Nothing you say will change my behaviour nearly as much as my own attitude….

Aah, you’re solving the conundrum! So what has force but is powerless?

Well, it might be my attitude…?

You’re getting close……it’s your ability to empathise.

Empathy is powerless in itself – but apply an attitude of inclusivity and suddenly your empathy comes alive!

It becomes a mighty force for your good and for your healing!

The experiences you gain through the lens of empathy change your attitudes….and My truths swiftly become your truths, too!

Empathy is a Force of great magnitude which you harness by looking through another’s eyes, walking in another’s footsteps, feeling through another’s heart.

To do so you must put your own perspectives aside, shelve your own demands, forgo your own dogmas, relinquish your own arguments.

Wow! What’s left of me then?

Greater truths, greater sagacity, greater wisdom, greater compassion and greater Love! Your ego may shrink dramatically – but your Spirit will grow immensely in stature!

And is this not what you desire, deep within?

No longer will you walk alone……but indeed you will walk in the company of angels and bodhisattvas…….

Let go your prison of negativity and resentment by experiencing the prisons of pain and hurt of others.

Through empathy will you find compassion and Love.

And what was powerless to empower you will become the extraordinary

Force that frees you!!

To be continued……