Conversations With Spirit #15

Are you ready for another conundrum, Les?

I had woken up shortly after dawn and was staring at the ceiling…..


As good a time as any!

Okay….what is it?

What exists but isn’t real?


Good one but we can talk about those another time.

That’s not what I had in Mind….

Okay, shoot….

Well, you should have been able to answer this riddle as I gave you the answer when you were watching that health video….

I can’t remember everything you tell me…..

I know – and that’s why I want to emphasise it again.

What exists but isn’t real is you. Or, to put it more clearly, what isn’t real is what you (and most other people) think is real about yourselves.

Like what?

Like your body.

It’s not real?! It certainly feels real to me!

Yes, it does feel real but as I’ve already told you it’s made of atoms and atoms are almost totally empty.

Empty? How empty – and why are they empty?

They’re empty 99 plus lots of noughts % empty. In fact, if all the empty space in all the atoms in all the people on your planet was removed……you’d all fit neatly into one single sugar cube!

That’s incredible! And we seem so solid!!

Well, you’re not actually solid at all. You have nothing actually material in your makeup.

So what’s the stuff we’re made of that feels and acts so solid?

Light. Deeply condensed light.

Nothing else?!

Well, Les, you’d call it matter. But matter is simply condensed energy and energy is ultimately Light.

What about that little bit of the atom that isn’t empty?

Energy….pure energy.

Think of it like electricity. Every atom has a positive (the protons), a negative (the electrons) and a neutral pole (the neutrons). There’s no real stuff in stuff…..

So we exist but we’re not real the way we think we’re real…..?


But we’re still real?

Absolutely. But as energy. And as your own scientists know, energy can be changed from one form to another but it can  never be destroyed.

And that energy is condensed Light…….?

Yes! Call it My Light-Force…..

I’m catching on….and that Light-Force is a part of You…..?

You have arrived at the Heart of the Matter, so to speak!

The Heart of Matter is My Spirit……and it is an aspect of that Spirit which forms your true Existence…..your individual consciousness and your awareness and your Life…..

I think I understand the riddle now…….thankyou.

Now you understand it all you need to do is live from the richness of your higher perspective…..

That perspective that says ‘I am – but not what I thought I was’…..

I think you’re starting to catch on!

To be continued……