Conversations With Spirit #14

Are you ready for a conundrum, Les?

I had just arrived home with the shopping…..

Right now? Can we wait until the shopping has been put away?

Shopping’s a great example….in a way….

Aah….you’re going to advise a particular diet, maybe?

Not at all! Eat as much junk as you need to cause as much physical damage to your body as you want…

Maybe it’s about meat eating? Remember Trudi and I are vegetarians!

Absolutely not….although it does touch on food….

Okay, shoot….

Well, if you simply read the label on a can of food would it dispel your hunger?

Of course not!

Not even if you believed the label that said the food in the can was enriched with vitamins and minerals and protein and lots of other goodies?


If I gave you a sealed bottle of water could it quench your thirst?

Not unless I could open and drink it!

What if the label said it quenched thirst?

Well, it couldn’t unless I drank it, could it?

What if I gave you a set of books that contained all the knowledge in the universe. Would that make you wise?

Only if I read and understood them!

What if you never opened them?

I’d remain ignorant, wouldn’t I?

You certainly would, Les.

What if I showed you a picture of a beautiful beach and a scorching sun beating down upon it……could that give you sunburn?

Not the picture!!

Well, Les, do you understand yet what I am telling you?

I’m not sure…..

I’ll take that as a ‘no’…..

‘’Knowing’’ a thing means nothing.

Unless you experience it, eat it, drink it, read it, stand in it, soak in it, own it, love it, merge with it, embrace it in every sense of the word – it remains valueless.

And that goes for peace, joy, love, kindness……and even Myself.

So the conundrum…..?

When is reality not reality? When you simply discern it.

And the answer?

When is reality truly reality? When you simply be it…..

“Knowing” about Joy, understanding Peace, perceiving the reality of love, recognising the power of Kindness……all mean nothing unless you embrace them fully and live them.

“Knowing” about the Divine, understanding My existence, perceiving the reality of Spirit, recognising the truth of spirituality….all mean nothing unless you embrace Myself as the core and substance of your Soul and your very Self.

I sensed a thoroughly contented, totally Divine smile…….

I put the rest of the shopping away.

As I did so I pondered deeply on that conundrum…..and my Mind visualised clearly a wide, expansive river waiting to be crossed……..

To be continued……