Conversations With Spirit #13

I was answering my emails when The Voice next spoke…..


I wonder……are you happy with life, Les?

I certainly am – although I’d prefer it if there was no grief, hurt, pain, sickness or even death associated with it……

Don’t you think it would be kind of bland?

It might – but it would also be a lot easier to take!!

I doubt that somehow……

Life would be lifeless if it didn’t have its challenges.

I don’t understand….

Well imagine a world in which nothing was alive.

Just things existed. Things moving, expanding, shrinking,

Clanking, clinking…..with nothing alive.

Nothing beautiful or sad because nothing alive to recognise beauty or sadness.

Nothing hard or easy because nothing alive to discern hard or easy

Nothing awesome or troublesome because nothing alive to perceive awesomeness or trouble. 

I think I follow your point….

Nothing even alive to understand my point.

Nothing alive anywhere at all. All just non living stuff.

No-one even alive to have regret or disappointment that nothing was alive…..

Mmmm. Not a good idea……

I agree, Les! Which is why I created life.

Life gives ultimate meaning to existence.

It gives immeasurable value.

It gives joyful purpose.

It gives deep significance.

It takes existence from a lifeless state of existing to a vibrant state of thriving…..

From a state of lifeless Form to a dynamic state of doing and loving and caring and creating and sharing and striving and co-operating and feeling…..

I’m on board! Life is the ultimate!

It certainly is….life makes Existence meaningful.

Without Life, Existence would be meaningless and without purpose or value….

Do we contribute to its meaning…..?

Certainly! That’s because you have consciousness, awareness and feelings….

So when we’re sick or hurting or sad…..?

It’s Life expressing Itself through you.

Most often you can learn from the experience and adjust your behaviour to achieve a different outcome – but sometimes you just need to accept that what you are feeling is necessary for your future and your growth……

Does that include dying?

Aah, the greatest gift of Life, Les, is that what lives is always alive and is never lifeless.

So, yes, even death is a gift.

For through death comes life…..

Welcome to Eternity!


To be continued……