Conversations With Spirit #12

It seemed my turn to start a conversation…….


I love these talks but sometimes you know I still feel alone…..

I totally understand….I felt like that once, a long, long time ago, too…….So I did something about it.


I created the universe. But it just didn’t fulfil Me.

How could it not?

It was just energy ….endlessly gyrating around….fun to start with but I eventually got bored.

How could you get bored with an entire Universe?

Easily! Just imagine you had the most fantastic board game ever – but no one to play with.

You’d get bored, too….

So what did you do about it?

I created life! Microbes, bacteria, crustaceans, fish, insects, plants, forests, dinosaurs, spiders, bees, crocodiles, snakes, ants, rats, penguins, birds, whales, bats, butterflies, bears, eagles, deer, wombats, kangaroos, camels, lions, dogs, hyena, pigs, giraffe, elephants, monkeys, gorillas…..and you!

The more I created the more innovation I carefully placed into each creation.

That must have been awesome!

Awesome plus! The more I created the less alone I became.

That doesn’t actually help me much…..I can’t even create a fly…..

You don’t have to! I made them for you. All you have to do is appreciate them….

You want me to appreciate flies?

I want you to appreciate all of life, Les! Everything is made from Me, by Me. All you have to do is appreciate them…. appreciate My creations….appreciate My very Being……

I just want to feel not so alone!

That’s why I want you to appreciate all of life, Les!

In doing so you’ll become a trustee for My creations. You’ll also come to realise that ‘All is One’……all is My very Self.

When you realise that…’ll never be alone again.

I think I get the point…..

I trust you do! ‘Alone’ will have become transmuted into “All One”.

Just one gap in the middle and one extra ‘l’……

That gap in the middle represents the space between one light-force and another!


And that extra ‘l’ represents the Light-Force in both yourself and in every other living thing…..

I see……

So no being lonely, son!

I am in everything you see, hear, taste, smell, feel and sense!

I am your Universe.

I am your Life.

I am.

And all I ask is that – as My most advanced light-force on your planet – you be My trustee for All Else that shares your planet!

Remember, ultimately, All is One.


To be continued……