Conversations With Spirit #11

I was watching a program talking about Coronavirus when suddenly I realised I wasn’t alone …..


I’d like to get serious for a moment……

You mean you’re not always?

I couldn’t be – otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy your sense of humour. After all, I gave you the ability to recognise and express humour. It didn’t just grow on a tree.

But it’s a good place to start…everything, even your sense of humour, comes from Me.

Everything comes from You?


I was told by scientists that everything emerged from the “Big Bang” almost 14 billion years ago….

Well, they’re kinda right on that point! Except it wasn’t so much a ‘big bang’ as a gentle exhalation…..

I breathed out my Light and Life-force….

They say it came from a “singularity”….a point of infinite density and gravity that was beyond time and space…..

That’s Me! Yes, I am THE Singularity and as I breathe in and out so does the Universe. Being an aspect of my breath it expands or contracts with each breath

I take…..

The scientists say that matter was created from this Black Hole exploding and disgorging huge amounts of what we call particles such a electrons, neutrons, protons, photons anti electrons and neutrinos……

Well, I object to being called a ‘Black Hole’……All those particles you mention as if they were actual “things” are actually energy…not things at all…..and not that different really from love, anger, joy….

And yes, they came from Me; and remain a part of Me.

Scientists say those particles bonded together to form atoms which then got together to form molecules which then got together to form matter….

Aah!….I sense you are on the cusp of starting to understand True art which is authentic living!

Yes, the energy you call particles get together to create something bigger than themselves….an atom.

And then that atom gets together with other atoms and creates something bigger than itself – matter.

Well, scientists also say that those molecules also all got together and created cells… matter….

Now, it takes a lot of atoms to make matter.

To create just one grain of salt requires around 1,200,000,000,000,000,000 atoms all working harmoniously together. And it takes a whole lot more harmony for that matter to make living cells…..

Wow! That’s a lot of harmony!! What happens if they all argue?

If those salt atoms all argue it means no salt. But they don’t argue because they are part of Me.

Well, humans argue and you said we’re part of you, too…

Yes, but remember you have free-will and awareness.

An illustration of your reality can be seen in the energy you call an electron: it acts like it’s physical but when you look for it you find it as a wave, as energy, as non-matter.

That’s what salt is and what you are: energy, non matter, spirit.

And like everything else that’s energy, non-matter, spirit, you’re here to get together and work harmoniously with everyone and everything else, with nature…..with Existence, consciously knowing that All Is Spirit.

What happens if we don’t work harmoniously with nature?

Will we die?

You cannot die. Particles don’t die…..they just slowly fade.

Being energy, you exist as long as my out-breath exists.

But if you don’t learn to Love you’ll go the way of the particles that don’t join up with others to create something more magical and mystical.

You’ll remain in limbo until I breathe in next time……

When might that be?

Maybe in a thousand billion years……

To be continued…..