Conversations With Spirit #10

I was working in the garden when The Voice spoke…..


I’d like to speak about The Ordinary……

What did you have in mind?

Most of you find the ordinary boring…..when in fact it’s anything but boring….It’s magical, mystical….spiritual.

Everything is magical, mystical and spiritual?

Everything! Every moment, every action, every thought.

What about the sad, hurtful or unhappy moments, the bad and destructive actions and the nasty, negative thoughts?

They’re still magical, mystical and spiritual……

Spiritual?! How can that be?

Because everything is spiritual! There’s nothing but the Spiritual! Every thing, every particle, every atom, every molecule, every cell, every body, every life – everything!!

It’s all pure Spirit! Everything is Spirit.

That’s hard to get my head around….even the negatives are Spirit…..

If they weren’t, they wouldn’t exist! I admit those negatives don’t improve life at all – in fact, they make it downright difficult and hurting….but they’re still part of Spirit.

So evil is part of Spirit, too?

Yes, even what you call ‘evil’ is part of my Reality. It’s called free-will, my boy. As life expands its awareness expands and it can experiment with many optional actions. Now many of them will be beneficial and positive but some will be              negative and counter-productive. Luckily, with expanded awareness you can easily recognise and correct those actions which turn out to be mistakes and wrong decisions

Only if we’re aware of them…..

That is true, son! And many of you are so busy grasping at the trinkets of life that they don’t take the time to notice the beauty and wonder and real treasures….

The trinkets?

Yes, things like prestige, titles, honours, bigger houses, expensive cars, reputation, assets……all those things you use to give an impression that you’re more important or more valuable than anyone else…..It’s rather sad and pathetic really – and shows how little you truly recognise your true self and everyone else’s true Self, too.

And the real treasures are….?

Why…… your breath, your life, your awareness, your love, your song, your opportunities, your nature, your world, your ability to care and share and co-operate….and your almost endless moments to simply be!

Many people would think those things were fairly ordinary….

That’s because they think they have to achieve something in order to be valued, loved and appreciated – to be truly worthwhile. Yet, how can they not be automatically worthwhile and valued when they are actually part of Me???

So the Ordinary isn’t really ‘ordinary’…..

Not at all…’s extra-ordinary….extraordinary, magical, mystical and spiritual! Enjoy it responsibly – it’s yours to explore! And I want you to explore all of it!!

To be continued…..